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Happy Birthday djr7572 & Wolfman

Wishing you many good shaves and the ubiquitous B&B badger dance....
:badger: :badger: :badger: :badger: :badger: :badger: :badger:

It looks like we missed dcdube's Birthday over the weekend as well, so here's to you!

A Simpsons PJ3 and tub of Castle Forbes shave cream is on its way to each of you, care of Joel. Joel, did you forget to send them? :rolleyes: :wink:
Also from me a very happy birthday and may all your wishes come true...

Regards from Germany

Thank you gentlemen.

What a great day it is too. USPS came early with my order from Classicshaving.com with my Merkur HD and some Taylor's Lavender cream. Time to hit the shower... :tongue_sm
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