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When my wife and I were dating (I was 22), she bought me some nice monogrammed handkerchiefs because we live in Texas and I'm a sweater (bad combination). I was a bit apalled at first, but soon grew to love them. I use them to wisk away sweat and cover my cough. If unused, I'll share with my wife. I don't carry one every day, but definitely when I suit up (a couple times a week). I'm 30.


I have carried a white pure cotton hanky in my back pocket since the 1950's ,would not leave the house without one and 2 spares in the car.I absolutely cannot convince my 19 year old grandson to carry one, and he has allergy worse than I do..
I used to carry a hanky but a long time ago, I read You Only Live Twice, and when Tiger is instructing Bond how to be Japanese he says (paraphrased) would you wrap up any other excretia, and put it back in your pocket? No, so, blow your nose on a tissue and bin it. Served me since!
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