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Hand Stropping Really WORKS!

I'm going to try hand stropping. Definitely with SE blades; the spine on the blade should make it easier and safer to do. I'll probably try it with DE blades too.
Thanks for reviving this thread.
I haven't tried this with my DE's yet(sampler pack provides so many I don't want to strop just so I can try more blades sooner) but I have done it on my M3 that I am still using when I shave my head(after my initial DE pass) and its allowed me to get 3 uses out of an M3 that I would usually toss after the first or at the latest the second time using it for a head shave. I'm glad someone posted the video for me in another link for a question I had but its nice to see that there is an actual thread for the video as well.
Now I'm going to have to try this in a few weeks...

What kind of grit is a human hand anyways? I'd be interested to know a rough estimate.
The only thing I could find were esoteric studies writen by what I call, super nerds. LOL

Surface roughness parameters for human skin:
80 ± 28 nm
0.59 ± 0.2 μm

I drove myself crazy for 2 hours before I snapped out of it and gave up. :001_huh:
Just read through all the posts. Thank you all for the information.

Today was my first shave with the Gem coated blade and Gem Feather Weight razor. I didn't think about stropping until after the shave. I saw it talked about online and ended up in this thread. So, it is hand stropped and ready to go. I'm actually sort of glad I didn't hand strop for the first shave so as to have something to compare it to.

For tomorrow I'm toying with the idea of using my Brooklyn Ever-Ready for the second shave??
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