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Hand Check and VOTD

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The above Vype Reload device has now been fully functional for months. The combination of a failed main unit, one dud ecig and a few broken/leaky tips had given me a poor intro to the device. Now I have a working setup with a good few boxes of refills. I suspect most of the issues I encountered were little to do with the manufacturer and more to do with my dad breaking the first device and many of the tips I had being out of date and/or poorly treated.

It's a nice little device. It's not gonna replace my mech & dripper combo, a few posts up, but as I had hoped this gifted freebie provides ninja nicotine reliably. It's been great for long drives and nice to have as a general backup. I use ~3/6mg in my dripper but 3x18mg tips in the Vype is comforting. The pack is pocket friendly too.

DIY Sweet Orange ~4mg Nicotine ~95%VG. The photo is a many months old, the coil has not changed, I thought I'd be back to single wraps in no time but the single clapton coil just keeps on keeping on.
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Well-built Clapton's last me months too. I think my record is 5 months without having to change the coil with a dual Clapton build in my Kennedy RDA.

Handmade mechanical wood parallel box. One of a kind!
DIY sour strawberry watermelon on a dual parallel 26g SS316L build at .17 ohms in the Kennedy 22.
Cheers. I'm pretty happy with my Coolfire IV and Caravela mech clone and have been for a while but the time will come when I feel the itch again. I'll have look at his stuff on VU.
Stuck my old Lemo drip tip on my daily driver Derringer/mech . It looks bloody awful but vapes wonderfully. Found a little 3mg Cuttwood Unicorn Milk at the back of the cupboard, vaping on the same clapton pictured a few posts up, or on the previous page.

Got tanked up today for a change of pace. I made up 30ml of 9mg Israeli Captain tobacco with a concentrate mix from Yaeliq at the start of the year and put it to the back of the cupboard, it has aged nicely.
I like this. It's always fun to look at other peoples' setups. If nothing else, just to see what's out there. That wood box looks really nice!

My all day, every day setup for the most part: RX200S, Smok TFV12 tank, and my DIY juice. A neopolitan ice cream flavor that started as an attemp to clone My Man. It tastes like a cross between My Man and Tater.

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Daily driver for many months, YostaVape Livepor 160w dual 18650. It feels great in the hand, weighs nothing and just works.
Velocity Mini on top with simple dual stainless steel coils.

Juice is DIY. I've got Dragon Melon, Sugar Plum & Old Forest on the go at the moment. All 3mg.


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