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Hand Check and VOTD

Can't say that I do. I'm part Japanese, my name is Jim, and Yojimbo is one of my favorite movies of all time so the name just made sense. I do, however, hold shodan in Kendo... not quite the same thing though! ;)
Oh OK. The name makes perfect sense. Exchange the shinai for a katana, and it becomes very serious!

Prof. Moriarty

Wow I haven't posted here in forever...

Nice setup, Till! Is that the DNA200 or RX200 version?

Have you had any machine oil issues with your Sapor? I've got one that is full of it, multiple washings and I still end up with machine oil in my cotton.
Rx200, no money for a Dna200 plus the software is not Mac compatible.
No issues whatsoever with my Sapor but not completely sure I like it yet
Love this combo. TFV4 single coil RBA built with 24G 316L stainless, 7 wrap vertical coil, 3.5mm ID and my usual DIY sour strawmelon.

80/20 3mg Watermelon on a brand new mech with a well loved dripper.

Bought the juice from a local vape shop, mixed and made in front of me for the princely sum of £5 for 10ml. Silly money for monotone juice but was nice to chat, see the process then leave thinking I'm happy with my diy juice and an order for watermelon flavouring on the mental list.

My dad wasn't getting on with this so it was passed to me. How bad could it be?

I've got two units, one was still sealed, and a ton of estick tips. I've had absolutely no joy at all. Two fully charged units, four new tips and I've not managed more than about ten successful puffs all day. I wasn't expecting much, maybe some handy ninja style nicotine, but it seems to be 95% non-functional. I tried puffing really hard to see if that would help but you just end up with 36mg nic all over the place which isn't a pleasant experience.
*update *
The above Vype Reload device has now been fully functional for months. The combination of a failed main unit, one dud ecig and a few broken/leaky tips had given me a poor intro to the device. Now I have a working setup with a good few boxes of refills. I suspect most of the issues I encountered were little to do with the manufacturer and more to do with my dad breaking the first device and many of the tips I had being out of date and/or poorly treated.

It's a nice little device. It's not gonna replace my mech & dripper combo, a few posts up, but as I had hoped this gifted freebie provides ninja nicotine reliably. It's been great for long drives and nice to have as a general backup. I use ~3/6mg in my dripper but 3x18mg tips in the Vype is comforting. The pack is pocket friendly too.

DIY Sweet Orange ~4mg Nicotine ~95%VG. The photo is a many months old, the coil has not changed, I thought I'd be back to single wraps in no time but the single clapton coil just keeps on keeping on.
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