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Hand Check and VOTD

I just found a much better local shop than the Lizard Juice place I'd shopped. The juice is from numerous makers, and I got my hands on some innevape heisenberg juice. Like Breaking Bad, the juice is "blue rock candy" flavored and is addictive. I run it in my istick 50w mod with an Aspire Triton sub tank.
Hows the Alice?

I really enjoy Nola. Also tugboat v2 is a great rda. Mines atop my tugboat mech currently.
Alice is pretty good. It turns out to have a good balance of spices without anything in particular overpowering the mix. So many bakery vapes seem to do that. It paired nicely with a stout. :thumbup1:

I'm headed to CT Vapor Trail tomorrow and Ruby Roo is supposed to be there with her juice line. I keep hearing that Nola and Myee are on the Must Try list. I'm going to try to grab some tomorrow, depending on availability.
I am rockin' the TUGLYFE mech mod, black and green splatter, mod. I promise one of these days a picture will be posted. Running a 24g twisted wire 5 wrap single. Using a mix between DR Crimmy's "Peanut and Butter Raspberry" and "Berry Crunch". Pretty good clouds off this mod, not going to lie, even though it is a broken Mad Hatter.
Haven't been at this too long, but I have a Sigelei 50w v2, Kanger Sub Tank Mini in RTA mode .7 Ω, DIY strawberry vanilla ice cream @ 6mg.
Hohm Wrecker, TFV4, Bombshell by Centerfold
You wouldn't happen to train in Martial Blade Craft? Yojimbo knife?

Can't say that I do. I'm part Japanese, my name is Jim, and Yojimbo is one of my favorite movies of all time so the name just made sense. I do, however, hold shodan in Kendo... not quite the same thing though! ;)
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