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    Really glad Big Rick revealed this cream was available, it's a true classic. Packed in a vintage type all metal hermetically sealed tube, the absolute best for long term storage of creams. You can pierce the orifice in 20 years and the cream will still be fresh. The scent is really nostalgic for me, it's a wonderful citronella oil scent, mild, but instantly recognizable . I used a puck in the 60's with the same scent, if I remember right, it was Williams , after they gave up the rose scent... The lather is very concentrated, a small dollop was more than enough for both face and head shaves.....Lather pops up fast, leaves skin feeling nice...Wish I had ordered more ! IMG_1111.JPG IMG_1113.JPG IMG_1114.JPG IMG_1116.JPG IMG_1117.JPG
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  3. I can find this cream locally. Mine had a larger cap but was apparently the same. It has a scent between arko and Ingram. Quite mild as you say. I was expecting to be colder than proraso but wasn't. It was cool don't get me wrong but a mild sensation. Good lather and good skincare. I love finding creams from exotic countries. This cream is being made in Syria.

  4. Na’iman!

    That’s Arabic and it means literally “Blissful.” It’s said to a customer after he gets a haircut or a shave. The reply is “Allah inam alik” which means “May God make it blissful for you.”

  5. Menthol is listed as one of the ingredients and although it’s not strong it’s still noticeable enough to be felt, especially during the second pass. I really enjoy this cream a lot!

  6. It is a custom in Arab barber shops saying Na’iman to the customers when after he's being shaved.
  7. @malocchio Picture of Sachin Tendulkar on those blades! Haven’t seen that pack before.
  8. Aywa habibi!

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    I couldn't feel any cooling effect either, but next time I will rub a tiny bit near ( not in ! ) my eye, that will give an indication ...
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    New , and cheap... under $8 shipped...I'm on the 9th shave, and the blade is still smooth....
  11. So, spill the beans on where you got it from.
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    ebay !
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    Thanks for the review Ron, I missed this the other day.
  14. I just got my Hamol tube in the mail today. I can't wait to give it a try.
  15. I think you’ll love it!

  16. I did a test lather just to see what it was like. Well, the scent is really strong and is almost spot on to Arko or Williams. I hope it's not that strong when it's applied. But the lather was really slick and looked like it had a lot of cushion. I will report back with my thoughts after I actually shave with it.
  17. To me the scent is almost exactly the same as Williams. I don’t know how the company was able to match the scent profile so closely because I don’t think that Williams is available in Syria. This cream is very concentrated so be careful not to use too much. I just put a small dab on both cheeks and that gives me tons of awesome lather.

  18. Williams is not normally available in the Middle East.
  19. That’s what I just said.


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