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Halloween Contest


Hard to imagine but Halloween is upon us! The Captain has decided to offer up two chances to win, yes two chances!

Here is how you enter: Just tell us a story that has to do with Halloween. It can be what monkey business you pulled off as a kid during Halloween or what pranks you have pulled on the kids who come to your door as an adult. It is all fair game.

Each winner will receive a $50.00 credit to put toward a purchase in our store right here: All Products — Captain's Choice - https://www.captainschoicestore.com/all

This is CONUS only please. The two winners will be selected by random.org.

Have fun with this and I think there will be some entertaining stories coming up.
Not in (cough, cough) but let me start us off.

Some years ago the doorbell rang, I opened up the door and never knew what hit me. Suddenly bright lights popped on, a video camera began recording, and five teen age boys began saying, "Congratulations!!! How does it feel to be a winner??!!!!" Then they shoved a huge piece of stiff white cardboard into my hands. It was made out to look like a check for $1,000,000. One of them played the part of Ed McMahon and it was Publishers Clearing House at my front door. A real hoot, I loved it - totally turned the tables on me!
When we were young teenagers, we played some tricks on the kids that came to our house for candy. The entrance to the house had a roof extension with a skylight. We rigged a water hose to spray water from above so "rain" would fall down behind the kids. After they got their candy, the water would be turned on, so they would get wet on their way to the next house! My mom was not really aware of this since she had already closed the door. Another year, we made a "ghost" with a Styrofoam head and a bed sheet. The ghost was lowered behind the kids on fishing line and caught them by surprise when they turned around to leave.
Because it was soooo many years ago and I don't think they ever found out who it was...
3 friends and I went out Halloween night in the country, found a long dirt road, and started knocking down mailboxes and tossing them in the back of the pickup. We worked our way to the end of the road and piled them up across the street so nobody could get past unless they got out and moved them. Then we proceeded to do the same thing on the opposite side of the road and pile at the end.
We did make the newspapers and the cops tried to figure out who it was as it was a felony playing with the US Post boxes. Hey, we didn't think that far ahead and had a great time drinking and driving and causing havoc. We never got caught so it was a successful prank on a late night of Halloween. Actually, I think it was after midnight so November 1st?
I don't really have any good Halloween stories. Since I was in elementary school, I was tasked with handing out candy on Halloween. I think I got to go trick or treating once in my life. Once I got home, my parents tossed out all the candy I collected because they heard that people were putting razor blades and poison in candy.

Basically, I never got to celebrate and enjoy Halloween because some jerks decided to spread lies about adulterated candy. Thanks to this, I've now realized I harbor some resentment and bitterness about this. Who knew? 🤷🏻‍♂️


Even more clueless than you
Growing up in the UK in the 1950-60s I cannot remember celebrating Halloween. Maybe because it was eclipsed by Guy Fawkes night or Fireworks night as we called it. Where I lived it was a huge community event despite its sectarian connotations. Large bonfires were built and we wold bring our firework out.

In Australia Halloween has certainly taken off in the last decades. Nowhere near like in the states but getting bigger.
It was one of the last times I went trick or treating, so I was probably 11 or 12. I ran into a girl my age and her mom and ended up trick or treating with them. I was crushing on the girl hard who was dressed up as the pink power ranger. Lost contact after that. Like 11 or 12 years later I was at my friend Elaine's house for a Halloween party (really just a bunch of 20-somethings getting liquored up in costumes). A girl was dressed as the pink power ranger. While talking she mentioned she had been the pink ranger every Halloween since the first time she went. I don't remember how we figured it out but it ended up being her. It was so surreal because I'd though about her several times since. Small world
Ding dong door ditch was my favorite prank to play as a kid. But I didn’t stop at Halloween, I liked to spread the joy throughout the year.


Needs milk and a bidet!
(Not In)

I grew up in a small town in Northern IL. Bout 800 people so everyone pretty much knew everyone. The one small grocery store in town wouldn’t sell eggs and TP to kids on or before Halloween. I tried and was denied. “Where’s your mom?” Umm shes’ in the car “So go tell her to come in and buy these” umm OK, be right back, then took off running. So there went my fun. Not sure why I thought I had to buy the eggs/TP instead of simply taking them from home. I guess maybe I thought mom would ask where they went?

One year I was out with my dad trick or treating around town. We had just started, only hit up a few houses. I don’t know how but I ended up falling in a puddle. Maybe trying to jump over it, who knows. But I soaked myself. So that Halloween was ruined.

Seems all the pranks I played were on myself!
I have a lot of great memories of Halloween growing up. My parents always cobbled together some sort of costume for my sister and I and took us around the neighborhood to collect up some candy. Now-a-days, it's my wife and I taking our two kids around to the neighbors and I wouldn't trade it for anything. We love seeing them get excited discussing what they want to be and how much candy they will get (of course I swipe a few things from their stash. Muhahahaha :devil2:).
Not in for the contest since my shaving mug runneth over. However, my fondest memories are of taking my kids trick or treating and hoping for a night where you don't have to bundle up and wear a big winter coat over the costume. The best nights were where we had to stop back home to dump off candy because the bags were full. One night taking my oldest out the snow just started coming down in buckets and I just put her in the car, headed for the mall (they still were busy then) and we trick or treated store to store. My favorite memory is the lady who lived next door to the Andrews always made popcorn balls for Halloween. I miss that.
1991 The great Halloween blizzard in Minnesota. About 3 feet of snow over a couple of days starting as the kids were out on the street trick or treating.
One time when I was young and not as intelligent as I am now, me and a couple of friends was cruising around and decided to TP a friend's house on Halloween. He had just moved to a new track home neighborhood and we went over and really draped the house. Later as we were driving away we bumped into our friend and he asked if we wanted to come over to his house to do stuff. We reluctantly agreed and followed him home only to find out he lived on the next block. Hey, those new track homes all looked the same and it was dark.

Random.org has selected out two winners. Each receives a $50.00 credit to be used at the Captain's Choice store. Congratulations to our two winners and we do thank each one of you for entering.

The winners are @gvw755 and @Atlantic59

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