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Er I mean dog, the whiPped dog!
Just done my first shave with my sight unseen and it went really well.
Did two full passes WTG and one between XTG and ATG. Only cut myself a couple of times, twice under the nose and once on the back of my ear lobe - dont ask, I don't know how I managed it either!
I'd class the shave as between SA and DFS, couldnt find the right angle for the jawline and my top lip is a little rough but the cheeks are great and I managed to glide over my moles so very happy.
Here's to many more shaves with my straight from Larry and my future project razors!
Completely agree with you but I couldn't resist it, was really enjoying myself. Even used my left hand for my left cheek. I think i need to rely more on feeling and less on the mirror for the angle.


"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
Great, your first shave went well. Don't get discouraged if your subsequent shaves occasionally go awry. I've been at it for almost a year, straight shaving only occasionally at first, almost exclusively now. Some times I get an acceptable shave, occasionally a great shave, sometimes I retreat to a DE or SE shave, just keep at it!
I'm sure they will make one with five blades who vibrates ;)
It will probably look like this. :lol:
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