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I was just wondering what are you guys using to style your hair with?

1- Gel
2- Hair Wax
3- Oil

Since there are so many products out there and im looking for a new product I thought lets ask the group here what they use to style the hair.
I usually have very short hair ARMY style almost with a little coupe on the front styled upwards. my hair grows EXTREME fast so the bigger it gets im styling it a bit careless like the look as if you just got out of bed .

So what is the best product out there to get that is not greasy,doesnt shine too much gives you a natural styling look and strong enough to hold all day.

The best styling product I tried sofar was from a person who brought it with him from Brasil and stoopid enough I didnt write the name down.

I went to the Jimmy Johnson school of hairdressing...hair spray, hair spray, and more hair spray. I tend to wear my hair on the longer side, but I don't want it looking messy. Gels and pomades don't work for me. I generally spray a light coating of Jeris on, blow dry, and the apply hair spray. I don't care for the wet look or slicked back look. It's fine for those who do, just not for me.

Rene, I too generally keep my hair fairly short. I try to keep it a "controlled-messy" look that has it styled up in the front plus a few others over the remainder of my melon. I like to use Redkin Rewind. It is somewhat of a paste that is very stringy or fibrous...if you mix it on the hands you'd know what I mean. It is a medium hold (6 out of 12 on the Redkin scale) and tends to last all day. If you are in a rather hot climate as I am (during the summer and fall), this stuff tends to loosen up a bit but still keeps everything in place. Oh yeah, a tub of this tends to last me around 2 months or a little more. I get it at the Walmart Styleshops now (~$16), but first found it in a local hairdresser's salon.

EDIT: The Redkin Rewind is not a wax, and therefore washes out very cleanly with no residual.
I keep mine short, get a hair cut every 5 weeks. No need for gels or anything else. I keep it short for a few reasons:

1) My wife likes it short
2) So does her mother
3) I like it short
4) When I play racquetball in the morning, I don't have to worry about brushing it to much so it doesn't look bad.
Wax is good for a bit of texture, but if you can get away with just hairspray, there's nothing better. Forget gel, if the hairspray isn't enough you need something like this:
I buy stuff at the local DA (you'll know what I'm talking about) or at ETOS. They have light pomade (forget the name of the brand just now) in orange tins. It's really nice stuff and not too expensive. Smells wonderfully like coconut. If you want something stronger than light pomade they have stronger pomade as well.
I started to use this stuff recently (when someone stole my usual wax) after trying it out at my fiancé's house. Her brother had an almost empty tin and let me finish it off, Liked it so much that I bought it.
Kyle said:
Simpson's PJ3 and a Murker.:biggrin:



What an excuse to shave even more brilliant ! :lol: using up all your commando Arko I bet !

Actually I want to shave so bad, thats why I actually only did a 2 pass quicky shave this morning at 6:00 AM ! that was just a touch up of yesterdays shave.
I shall try my utmost not to shave so I can enjoy a belate morning shave tommorow
I have a similar hairdo, maybe not as short. My hair is hard to manage and I find Pomade works great. I have had really good success with American Crew pomade. It is good for holding up that "coupe" as you call it. You rub the pomade through damp hair and then put some more pomade on your fingers to give the front more strength. I wish I found this stuff years ago.
C.A.R. Hair Cream. Gives a pretty natural look. Not much hold to speak of, but it keeps friz under control and a nice non-oily looking shine.
I too have the strategically messy look, with very short & clean around the ears but messy (almost but not spiky) on top... Depending on what I want:
For a wetter, more formal look I use either the John Allan "Pomade Blu" which is water-based and not really a pomade but a gel (available at Nordstrom or Saks stores or webstore) seen http://www.johnallans.com/productshowcase.php?nav_id=11


For a dry, matte, funkier look, I use the Davines Paste Extra Hold Holding Factor 05 (maximum) found at www.davines.com- available at Barney's and salons (866) 328-4637. The Davines is cool because it gives a completely invisible hold that's not terribly gross when an amourous female runs her hands through it.

Both run between $18-$22 depending on the seller.
I have pretty strong hair and am keeping it very short now, I have a #2 every couple of weeks so I don't really use hair products at the moment. When it's a bit longer than this Between 1/2" and 3/4" I use Dax Red, 3/4" to 1 1/2" Dax Blue and any longer than that traditional old Brylcreme.

I tend to use lighter hair dressing the longer my hair gets.
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