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Hair cutting scissors that I can sharpen myself?


Can anyone recommend a pair of hair cutting scissors that I can sharpen with my round ceramic sharpening rods?
I have a sharpening kit with four ceramic rods (two for thinning and two for sharpening). It also has a wooden stand to hold the rods at the proper angle for sharpening knives and another angle for sharpening scissors (only one rod at a time for scissors).

I would use these scissors to cut hair at home.

I have searched online for hair cutting scissors/hair cutting shears and have not found any that mention they can be sharpened at home.
I have read the reviews of many different hair cutting scissors that were not as sharp as advertised, were not sharp the full length of the blades and ones that dull will little use and could not be sharpened.

I am hoping to find a pair that can I can sharpen at home when they dull.

Thanks in advance for your input!
I'm no specialist, but the cutting edge is at the intersection of two surfaces. One is plane and very narrow (around 1-2 millimetres), the other is slightly concave. Your ceramic rod is good only for the plane surface, for the other you'll need some grinding wheels. I'm assuming you're not a professional sharpener, so you'll need some additional equipment and scissors sharpening experience and skills.

I cut my own hair since 1987, with more than decent results. I started with an all purpose scissor, then I invested in a cheap but reliable hairdressing scissor. Trust me, the scissor you have will outlast you without re-sharpening, if you said it's for use at home. At home you cut hair once in a while, not everyday like a hairdresser. Just clean it well after use, avoid the accumulation of gunk or dirt, avoid humidity and lightly oil it before storage.


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Never heard of any and sharpening scissors is more difficult than you might imagine. There are instruction videos on YouTube and I've tried but never succeeded.

Ive had this window open in my browser four 6 months. I will eventually get around to trying it myself.
Hope this gives you some insight into what your up against.