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Haberdashery Acquisitions

Five dress shirts at Macy's over the weekend. A Van Heusen, two Tommy Hilfiger, one Club Room and one Eagle Shirtmakers.

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Well, gents, this is an unexpected but... Many years ago I came across my grandfathers (Father's father) Burberry overcoat (Or is it a car coat? I'm such a philistine!) and fell in love with it! Flash forward to 2000 and my mother had remarried and stated that she wanted to give her new husband. I protested VERY loudly but it disappeared and I thought it lost
Yesterday it came home! It needs to visit a tailor to fix a few small issues but for 60 or 70 years old it is in very good shape. The upside? I'm fat and it fits!!!
Funny the things we hold dear...



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Picked up a Barbour Beaufort waxed canvas jacket. Hopefully it lasts me a long time.
Picked up a new lid for my daughter's wedding next month. It's a Stetson Madrigal straw porkpie. It also happens to be the same hat Bond wears in Thunderball!
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Picked up a new hat last month. So far I’m really glad I did. Super comfortable. And gotten lots of compliments about it.




New (to me) shirt from the bay
I've been accumulating these Reyn Spooner map shirts for several (25) years. The first was California which I was given new. The others have been a slow accumulation.
There are 5 now, Cali, Louisiana, Hawaii, Florida, and now the Caribbean. There are several more out there but the only one I'm anxious to get is New York. There is also a US shirt that I'd like to have.


Got these American Optical Original Pilots with high contrast amber lenses last week for my trip to Denver (where I am at now).