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Haberdashery Acquisitions


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Many of the other forums have an acquisitions thread. Why not The Haberdashery?

So let's see those new acquisitions.

Unless someone beats me to it, I'll kick things off with a few pictures of a new arrival tomorrow.
I don't know if this counts as haberdashery but I got a nice lockback KaBar knife with copper bolsters and logo. It's now my desk knife for opening boxes, etc. at the office. Also picked up a nice stainless Rabone ruler with 10ths 1/16ths and metric on it - "ruler of the day"?.

I received these whole cuts from Herring Shoes a couple of days ago. I am still deciding if I want to keep them. Because I was ordering from the UK I didn't get to try them on, and the fit is a little off for my feet. I didn't expect the toe to be as squared off as it is, either. The dangers of ordering online, I suppose. However, the customer from Herring Shoes has been great!
Those are pretty squared off. I was anti any square for awhile, but I got a pair of Cleverley chukkas, and I have to say, the Cleverley square has grown on me.


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After months of impatiently waiting, these arrived from England yesterday. The leather is Horoween's "version of the famous Russian Reindeer Calf that was on board the stricken Danish ship Catherina von Flensburg that sank in 1786 off the coast of Cornwall."

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When I dress down this is my favorite sweatshirt in the world. I paid $98 five years ago. I've been offered well over $500 for it. I think around 1,000 in total were made.

Henry, those are gorgeous. They should fit right in with what I have seen of your shoe collection. I really like the leather on those.
I promised I'd have something to post today... While the days almost over, I'm here to deliver on my promise. I picked up a pair of vintage Florsheim Imperial Longwings from an antique shop a couple weeks ago. Local shoe repair guy put some new heels on them and they're good to go. Cost for shoes: $6 Cost for heels: $12 Total paid for a great pair of shoes: $18

I didn't snap any "before" pictures but here they are after new heels and a quick polish:


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