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FS H3 Gillette Slim plus *free stuff*

Mechanically perfect and cosmetically very good H3 Gillette Slim!!

Your freebies include appx 20 PTFE Ted Pella blades, they are hard to count! Purchased new from Connaught, I have divested myself of single edges for simplification.

And, a sample of Barrister Reserve Spice received around Christmas.

29 shipped!

PayPal and Conus....we can work out shipping if you are somewhere else. Thanks for looking!!
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Ditto... I just got one of these recently (basically the same price). Amazing shave and super easy to adjust on the fly.

Yours is an H3, so 1963? It looks in great condition. Gillette certainly knew how to make some quality pieces!

GLWTS... Someone is going to get a great razor.
Razor is sold! If someone wants to buy the blades.....say 5 bucks. That'll cover shipping and is a reasonable price....I think.