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G'Ville Ute's Entry to the Hall of Fame

What is your real name?

What are your nicknames/aliases?

Where do you live?

What is your age (or) generation?

What are you in the real world?
Data Analyst

What is your favorite shave setup?
Don't have one yet...still deciding
Leaning towards
Merkur 34C
Semogue 830
Astra Green blades

What are your hobbies and favorite activities?
Love to hike and turn wood

What else should the members of B&B know about you?
Would love to hear some recommendations on products and techniques!
Welcome, Bob. Enjoy your shaves! Good choices for razor, blade, and brush. Pick a soap and aftershave, and you'll be good to go. :thumbup1:
Hello and welcome, Robert. Great to have you here on B&B. Wander on over to the Hall of Fame and introduce yourself more fully.
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