Guys, please help-Best Dandruff Shampoo?

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    I use the Head and Shoulders that includes the conditioner. It works well for me.
  1. I've been using Dr. Bronners Peppermint soap for a week or so and it seems to keep the tiny white flakes off my shoulder.
  2. Luxiq is a steroid but Elidel is not a steroid -- it's a topical immunosuppressant.
  3. Effective dandruff shampoo depends on the particular person. Head & Shoulders is all I ever need. My wife, however, needs Medicated Selsun Blue and Denorex.
  4. I've been using Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo (they have a few different scents) pretty much daily for about 24 years, works like a charm for me. I occasionally mix in Head and Shoulders about once per week because years ago a doctor told me not to use the exact same shampoo every day.
  5. Gonna revive this thread.
    Indeed. I'm gonna revive this thread. My wife has a prescription shampoo too, while I was using mostly Head & Shoulders (a simple white bottle one), but lately, I decided to change it for something more effective. This article helped me a lot and, surprisingly, a stronger version of Head & Shoulders (the blue one) is more suitable for my scalp, but I prefer Tea Tree smell more.
  6. +1. H&S daily and Nizoral fortnightly are a regimen that works for my seborrheic dermatitis. I don't use a conditioner, though, as it leaves my hair too limp. However, I do use H&S conditioner as a pre-shave, which--in addition to smoothing my shaves--has helped eradicate every last trace of my damn dermatitis.

    One more thing. Nizoral was hard to get for a long while. Is it back on the shelves? I've been using prescription ketoconazole for some time now.
  7. I've had the same problem, all that red scaling. I just make sure that when I'm washing my hair, I also wash my face with the shampoo. I use H&S daily and Nizoral fortnightly. Selsun Blue also works. Just make sure that when you're washing your hair, you also wash your face with the stuff.

    Best discovery I've made is to use H&S Conditioner as a pre-shave. Like any hair conditioner (I used to use Pantene), H&S Conditioner really sets your beard up nicely for lathering. Moreover, it contains zinc pyrithione, the same active ingredient in the shampoo. Since following this regimen, my seborrheic dermatitis is now totally under control--no flaking, no itching, and nothing to pick at. Truly, it feels like I have a new face. Good luck.
  8. Try using Nothing for a few weeks.

    No shampoo
    No soap
    No cosmetics
    No toiletries.
    No deoderants

    Wash with warm water only.
    Use a pure soap ( no addatives) like Alleppo for the bits and bobs only if absolutely necessary.
    Use a bicarb deoderant if you really need to.
    Use a simple bicarb/salt toothpowder for the few weeks.

    The idea is to give your body a break from all of the drugs and chemicals we throw at it daily and let your biome restablish itself.

    It's not hippy voodoo either, There is hardcore scientific evidence to back this up.

    Stay away from SLS.

    Do it for a month and see what happens. Its only a month. If you do see improvement, you can then start dialing back in your soaps etc slowly to see which are triggers for you.

    I am 2 weeks into this myself at the moment and my psoriasis/ eczema has noticeably improved.
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    Head and Shoulders works for me.

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