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Guitar players who wet shave.help

I have been wet shaving for about 5 months but have been learning to play guitar for about 2. My question is that I have built up calluses on my finger tips but when wet shaving the are in contact with water. I have lost a couple of calluses and am trying to rebuild them. How do you handle this situation?
As a long time guitar and mandolin player, I can tell you that worrying about your calluses is a waste of time. Just keep playing. Your fingertips will develop (sometimes you can't even see the calluses unless they crust and flake away a little bit) but the skin underneath will be thick and developed. If at some point you cut through your finger tip, just fill it with super glue (after cleaning it out of course). When I first started playing mandolin years ago I worried about the same thing. My Jethro Burns MandoManual said something about not doing dishes, etc...to maintain calluses and I worried about it, but I just kept playing. I never did get out of doing dishes either. :
Just keep doing what you're doing. I've been playing guitar for 30+ years and never even think about callouses. Come to think of it, my left hand fingertips are actually fairly soft, but it's never affected my playing. If you feel like you need some extra help on the fingertips, you could always put a little superglue on them for instant callouses.

Ha! I got a little distracted while typing and Jarvis posted first. But we said the same thing. Cool.
You don't shower or wash your hands? :biggrin:

Seriously... it's just part of development. When you start guitar, or any new activity, your body responds to the irritation. In the case of callouses, they are thick, but pretty localized.
They peel off. This is not unusual... you get a hard edge and softer skin beyond it.

But each time, the skin under them is tougher, and after a year or more, you will have callouses that others can feel, but you won't notice them.

Stop playing for a year, you will never notice them peel off, but pick up a guitar and play for an hour and they will HURT!
+1 to all of the above, or another option is become a cook, I am never short of callouses even when I put the guitar down for a month.

Good luck!
My hands have always been quite soft as well, and honestly until I read this, I've never even thought of this situation? I'm sure a million other things wet and soften ones hands in a day plenty more so than the few minutes of shaving.
I don't play my guitar very often any more and my finger tips are quiet soft but when I do play I never notice it being a problem. I just wouldn't worry about it if I were you.
Thank you all, I was trying to keep my left hand to a minimum of hot water. I read that this would cause the calluses to peel off. I was worrying but after reading all the responses one less thing to think about. This is what this board is all about helping each other with info.
I play and teach guitar for a living . I have a guitar in my hands for 8 hours a day and have no problems with it.
I don't play guitar, but I have been lifting weights since I was 13. Even working as a lifeguard and swimming instructor for 15+ years, my calluses did not go away... and thats with being in water for 4+ hrs a day
Funny guitar quote; You start playing guitar to get chicks.... and end up talking to middle aged men about your fingernails.
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