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Guess the Delivery Date & Win

A SHD Manchurian brush from China?

That would be nice! Sorry, it's nothing as elegant as that.

I really the wood grain on that zenith brush, and people wonder why people like to show stuff off in their shave dens its almost like art with as pretty as that is
Thank you. The shape of the handle is also very nice in the hand. I like the feel in the hand of the wood brush considerably more than the white-handled brush.
My package from China arrived. It's not as exciting as my other deliveries, but they will be used. Two razor stands.

So, here's where we stand:

Spain: 13 days
Canada: 8 days
Russia: 11 days
China: 32 days

TOTAL: 64 days

@hotelmode guessed 67 days, You're the winner! Be ready for thousands of PM's pouring into your inbox congratulating you.

Let me know if you want a double edge or single edge razor. I will pick a user grade razor for you that will cause envy amongst the B & B'ers. I'm throwing in a variety of blades. Do you want the blades from my "favorites" drawer or from my "use only if you need to bleed" drawer.

Thanks for playing everyone. This bantering is a big part of what makes B & B such a fun place.

@hotelmode, PM me your mailing info & your choice of de or se & I'll get your winnings on their way to you.
Congratulations hotelmode nice guess and I hope you enjoy your prize, I still can't believe the one from Russia got here so fast
That surprised me too, it came just regular post, not any special shipping. I was thinking 20+ days for it to arrive.
Thank you so much, @dmshaver !
I know that all B&B members are impressed by my superior guessing skills, but I assure you nobody is more impressed than me.

I even guessed China correctly to the day! Very impressive. I'm glad that shipping times from China seem to be coming down... I had a package earlier this year take over 2.5 months from China.
If I can have your attention please...

The wait is over, and it's time for everyone to find out what they missed out on. Attached is a picture of the items so generously supplied to me by @dmshaver as part of this fun-as-heck PIF.
The list is as follows, and I've written a book about each item:
  1. A new-condition Baili BR179 TTO Razor
    1. I've honestly always wanted to try one of these, but even though they're inexpensive I could never justify the cost. I'm actually really glad to have this! I have a couple of Weishi clones, and they have very bad build quality compared to this thing... I'm impressed!
  2. A new stick of Derby
    1. Same as the Baili, I've always wanted to try Derby soap. I love Arko, so I should also love Derby. I'm going to bring it with me the next time I travel.
  3. 15 Razor Blades (some of my top ranked ones!)
    1. Gillette Silver Blue
      1. These rank INCREDIBLY high for me. Between these and Bolzano it's a toss up as to my favorite blade.
    2. Astra SP
      1. These are also great for my face. Considering the price, I'm surprised I haven't bought 100 yet.
    3. Gillette Nacet
      1. A coincidence if I've ever seen one... I shaved with a Nacet for the very first time today (from a different pack). I actually got some slight irritation from it, and it didn't shave very close, but I always hold off on making a final verdict until I've used it at least twice. These might just be too sharp for me, but we'll find out!
  4. A sample of Captain's Choice Bay Rum aftershave
    1. Again... something that I haven't tried before, and have always wanted to try. I've never smelled a Bay Rum, so now I know what the genre has to offer!
Thanks, @dmshaver! Great picks, I'm very happy with all of it!
@hotelmode, I'm glad the package arrived. Have fun trying out the different items & enjoy your journey. It was fun doing something different for this pif. To you & the other fine gents that played, thank you!
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