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Guerlain Vetiver = Arko

Okay, so I have read many threads on the "scent" of Arko. I just received an Arko Shave Stick and after ripping the top portion of the wrapper, my bathroom is basically enveloped in this delicious soapy smell.

That scent reminded me of something but I could not put my finger on it. Sure enough, I brought out the Guerlain Vetiver and they are very, very similar to me. Sprayed the Guerlain on my wrist and kept going back and forth between the two and yes, very similar to my nose.

Anyone else get this??
I don't, but I can see how your nose may find it similar. Guerlain's Vetiver has a lot of crisp lemon and just overall green-ness up top. Citronella, which I believe is responsible for Arko's smell shares those characteristics. I don't have my box for Vetiver any more but I'm sure the ingredient listing would show it has either citronellal, citronellol and geraniol or all three or combination which come from citronella.
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