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Guerlain Imperiale EDC Question

Just picked up my first bottle of Imperiale from Guerlain, but I am looking for an answer to something that confused me. The following two pictures were presented for what appear to be two different frags with extraordinarily similar names. Scent notes appeared different for both, however.

I purchased the first pictured fragrance:
5DB87C2E-F1B0-4C50-824F-52C6127AD1B4.png 2C071227-B50B-470E-A9B9-2A79D72487F7.png
I dunno, I think different packaging for different markets, but in a retail setting I dunno. I know my experience is the 'modern gold box' not the top one. There might also be a discussion about "new old stock" but that's for someone who's is far more versed in the product and their management.
I have the first bottle shown, citrusy and a bit floral to woody at the end. This EDC has no legs, maybe one hour tops. My bottle is from 1991, still smells good, just fades away too soon. Classy and dignified.
If I remember the cologne was an early (mid-1800's) formula working citrus/vanilla notes. Rather hard to get any legs. Still, great fragrance! And I apologize, all I have is a counter sampler. It was the gold box du Coq I was thinking of. (Although I'd wager both are from the same era.)
I had the first pic bottle with green label. Picked up a box full of 35 used bottles of cologne from Craigslist for $5 and this was one of them. It smelled TRRRIBLE and ended up dumping it and filling with AV. Actually just accidently broke the bottle the other day when cleaning the bathroom, it's a shame since it's a beautiful bottle, still don't know yet wha5 to do with the A/V in there so it's sitting on the shelf waiting for me to figure things out....a state of shop if you will lol.
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