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Growing Simpsons Stable

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I am the proud new owner of a couple of new Simpsons beauties...they seem to be growing/multiplying in their own...honest.

I started with a 58 in Best, and found that it throughly blew away my Parker "long loft pure badger". The 58 was the definition of luxury to my face, it had tons more backbone, and some scrubbiness.

It takes a lot more cream to make it sing, but once I got that figured out--she really took it up a notch for me. The brush looks to be about three times more dense than the Parker, and holds the warmth and lather much better as a result.

I liked it so much that I decided the WCS clearance sale was a good time to get a little brother. I read a lot of good thoughts here praising the Tulip 2 in Super. This little brush is a great size, and has hair that feels, at this point, a touch softer than the 58, but equally good in the backbone department. Tomorrow, the Tulip will make its madian voyage--very excited.

These brushes are used as bowl lathering, shaving cream applying, beard raising machines...lol. I don't face lather, nor do I use soaps at this point.

To be clear, the Parker was good for what it represented, but I felt that I quickly out grew it.

Anyways--thanks for the help fellers.
I just started using my first Simpson's -- also a 58 in Best. Like you, I was immediately impressed. Unfortunately, also like you, I immediately started wondering how it might compare to another Simpson's -- in my case, a Harvard H4. There's no escape....
Thanks for the replies!

The Tulip 2 was everything I expected and more. The super hair holds tons of water, it threw off my cream ratio, and I ended up with a ton in the bowl because I had to keep adding to get the consistency correct.

I did my Saturday morning leisurely BBS three pass R41 shave, and it was blissful with this new addition.

I ended up selling off some stuff lately, so I have a decent bank roll to invest in more brushes. It's a fun process to be enjoying, for sure.
Because of your post (subliminal!) , I just now ordered a Simpson 56 best ( I have a Simpson Chubby 1, 2 and a Polo 8 in best already) Thanks Apollo11!
Because of your post (subliminal!) , I just now ordered a Simpson 56 best ( I have a Simpson Chubby 1, 2 and a Polo 8 in best already) Thanks Apollo11!

Thanks! I'll expect my Simpsons commission check in the mail shortly!

Enjoy the 56--I'm loving my 58.
The fifty series are great brushes, I have a 56 and a 57, and have often thought about adding the 58. But I have and idea that the 58 would be too close to my Duke 3 to justify.
IMG_1166.JPG IMG_1167.JPG IMG_1168.JPG My wife was nice enough to let me hang a shelf in the bathroom to hold the stable of badgers...

She's very supportive of the hobby, I'm blessed with a great wife.
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