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Group Buy Tcheon Fung Sing (TFS) "Bergamotto Neroli" 125g Shave soap


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It is a great soap. I find it to be very slick and protective. To my nose it has a sweetish orange scent, but I am bad a describing scents.

Also, it lathers like a champ.

Man, that is sweet, Chris. Makes me wish I still had my Kent. That lather is awesome.
Ah, see, I knew I didn't join the sabbatical for a reason. NEXT year though...

PM sent.

*goes off to Kent's website*
about 14 commitments so far... 6 spots left!
sweet, make that 15, 5 left
16 in, 4 left
17 in , 3 left

All 20 accounted for !!!


If you are above this post and have PM'd me prior to the time of this post, you are in the head count. Thx


I'll be getting back to everyone who PM'd me today, mostly likely tomorrow with further instructions.
Dang! I kept checking the other thread for updates and never even saw this one! :( I really wanted in on this group buy.
I'll be getting back to everyone who PM'd me today, mostly likely tomorrow with further instructions.
much appreciated for your quick responses to PM's, shipping to Canada for me and Penmanship (we can combine our shipping and make it easier for you, we'll work out the details in PM) and for arranging the whole Group Buy.

Sounds and looks like great stuff (those lather pics above were what did it for me) :a44: more specifically...this one:

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do what i do....get it delivered to work, get home early and put it in the drawer and then wait for the "when did you get this cream/soap?"
my wife couldn't tell the difference between this jar and AdP when closed. and obviously your drawer is not filled with enough soaps and creams... this is a pic of my daily drawer. i don't even want to show you the duplicate stock of kilo of P.160, many many rounds of soaps, and duplicate tubs, and tubes of c.o.bigelow, and tube creams, etc...

see if you can name the contents of my drawer - click the pic to see the pic labeled. (there are some in the back that are too hard to see)

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