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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Chan Eil Whiskers, Apr 17, 2019.

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    seem like the negative people from the other thread ran out of steam and came over to pollute this one
    just an observation
  2. I don't believe that I lead with a pitchfork in my posts. I have no doubt that Mo is a decent guy and is doing the best he can regarding customer service. I don't track the cost of a shave or how quickly I run through a tub...I have more soap than I need. A soap's performance and scent (IMO) are equally critical components to the shaving experience. If one of those components is lacking, the shaving experience is less enjoyable. While I find GD soaps to be good performers (but not the best IMO) the scent profiles are simply off-putting (very subjective I know) and that is why I won't be buying anymore GD products. BTY, I have the following soaps: Molten, Citric, Valencia and Dapper Mallard.
  3. Grooming Department does make good soaps. However, I think part of the problem is that he makes too many soaps and changes his scents and formulations too frequently. Most artisans have a couple of standard formulas and several standard scents. They will occasionally release limited edition scents such as seasonal scents. In contrast, nearly every soap MO releases is either in a new formula or a new scent, often both. That makes it impossible for the stockists who sell GD soaps to keep them in stock. That is frustrating for both the stockists and the customers.

    GD soap bases include: Mallard, Lusso, Janus tallow, Janus Vegan, Donkey base, and Astute. I have a couple of Primo base soaps that are no longer listed. His web site hints at yet another new soap base called Fortis tallow. By the time the community has an opportunity to review a new release, the product is sold out, never to be produced again. Because these soaps are produced in small batches and the formula changes so frequently, it is no wonder that there are occasional quality issues. This business plan also makes it difficult for customers to develop a preference for a specific product and reorder when they run out.
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    Agree with you on the variety of bases and the one-of scents. I wish he would have a selection of offerings that is available all the time. I really like the Lusso base and would like to see it offered in some basic standard scents, i.e. vetiver, rose, lavender, lime, sandalwood etc. One of my favorites is the Coattail Redux, I hope he will offer this one again one day.
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    I knew somebody had to like the CR; not me. All the other of his scents I've tried have been okay or better than okay. My favorite is probably Valencia (orange scent on steroids but with a tad of complexity).

    I wonder why he doesn't have some standard and constant soaps?

    Happy shaves,

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    I’ll always respect Mo’s customer service. Years ago, when he was just getting started, I bought a couple of tubs of GD. I posted that I couldn’t get them to lather for me, readily admitting that it was likely user error. He proactively reached out to me, and offered to send a couple of tubs of his new formulation, gratis, without asking me to return the two I was struggling with. The two new tubs worked fabulously (and smell great, by the way—Conco and Yuzu).

    I then bought the original Mallard, and later bought the Frankinlime. The latter is the only GD soap I own that seems to dissipate quickly. As has been said, with so many reformulations, “you never know what you’re going to get.”
  7. I, as I have said before, believe Mo's business is running exactly as he wishes. GD is constantly striving to make products better and improve/innovate with every release. Yes, this can become frustrating for some which I can understand.

    Think of this, I have a few soaps from other makers which I enjoy. Each one may consist of 2 - 3 of their offerings, which for the most part I know I can replace. For GD, I have to try at least a few of each release (SAD), and often several. I don't know how many I currently have, but its alot.

    I have found a few of GD soaps that I don't care for the scent but have never been disappointed with the performance. My favorite GD scent is Coattails (original), which I am hording.

    And my rant now ends.
  8. As far as his bases are concerned to me they are the best I’ve tried. The quality of my skin has really improved since using them. I can’t speak as to GD scents because I only use unscented. What’s nice is that while other manufacturers stay away from releasing unscented products a lot of times since they don’t sell as fast, Mohammad seems to have released every base so far in unscented. Huge plus for me. He’s always been extremely helpful and gone out of his way for me the times I needed to contact him. I’m excited to see what his new $15 5oz base will be all about.

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