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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Chan Eil Whiskers, Apr 17, 2019.

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    Dragonsbeard is also priced at over $25.

    I understand the price competition. I also understand that the ingredients going into products vary in what they cost the manufacturer. My understanding is Dragonsbeard is loaded with expensive ingredients added to be of specific benefit to the skin.

    The competition I care about at the moment is quality - post-post shave combined with slickness, ghost lather, and all the other attributes I care about in a shaving soap. That's not me saying price is unimportant to me.

    If M&M is as good a many gentlemen say it is it should be a formidable competitor particularly when price is factored in.

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  2. As long as the performance is top notch, I do not worry too much about the price. However, I recently tried the new Gentleman's Nod tallow soap priced at $27. It was an excellent soap, but at $27, I expect an outstanding soap.

    If you have not yet tried Murphy and McNeil, you are missing out. At the current pricepoint, it is one of the best values available. It meets all the performance criteria you are looking for at a reasonable price.
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    You've used this term a few times, but I don't recall seeing it elsewhere. What are you describing? Thanks!

  4. ackvil

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    Thanks. FB has a great search engine. :001_rolle
  5. Chan Eil Whiskers

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    Ah, it's what some call residual glide. You know how it goes...You lather up and run the blade across an area. Then without adding more lather you slide and glide the edge across your skin another time or two. All goes well because of the ghost lather.

    I didn't make it up. Where I picked it up I have no clue except somewhere on B&B.

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  6. Residual slickness
  7. bobmsp

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  8. Very gentlemanly.

    I’m out. If you’re going to bully me about a soap and treat me like a five year old, I’m done.
  9. Putting product cost aside, I won't be purchasing any more GD soaps for 2 reasons.
    1) A&E, M&M and WK soaps offer better performance (IMO)
    2) Seriously off putting scents. I know that scent appeal is subjective but to my nose GD soaps range from almost tolerable to distractingly unpleasant...I am being kind here.

    On the bright side...there is one less person you need to compete with for that coveted tub!
  10. The free shipping was too good to be true imo. Not surprised it went away. Not aware if any vendor that offers that with no minimum. Hardly a justified critique.
  11. This whole free shipping tangent is pretty silly. There is NO free. Either shipping is a line item, or it's built into the price. You either agree to the total price or you don't.

    Given how attached some of you seem to be to these soaps I imagine the demand curve is pretty inelastic in the first place.
  12. I have mo dog in this fight as I don't buy GD soaps. But one thing is for sure...I think Mo's move to a $40 minimum for free shipping is the right move. It incentivizes larger orders and it properly allocates cost to the resource expenditure on his end (packing 3 tubs of soap doesn't take 3x as much time or postage as 1 tub).

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  13. Make that two, and you didn't even mention the asteroid "crater" after approx. five shaves!! ;)
  14. asteroid crater after 5 saves...i doubt that. Exaggerated internet "criticism" not based in reality imo
  15. Agreed. I’ve used all mine, including my Mallard, far more then 5 times and still can’t see bottom.
  16. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador

    It would be impossible for me to know how many shaves to expect from a tub of Grooming Dept soap were I only reading this thread. Are the gentlemen saying a crater appears almost immediately exaggerating? I have no idea as I'm not looking over their shoulders.


    I had one tub of Grooming Dept which was liquid. There's a thread about it. In the thread many of the posters discuss how Grooming Dept made it right. Thus I ended up with two tubs in the end (one of which started off as a liquid and solidified over about six weeks without a top on the tub). I had another tub the scent of which I hated. Mo at GD got in touch with me and offered me a replacement product; I paid only return shipping on the tub being returned which seemed more than fair to me.

    In other words I've found GD customer service to be very good. That's accepting that the soaps are often out of stock and that one has to order them when they're available and figure out how to find out when that is (there's a thread about releases of GD soaps, too).

    Most people who like Grooming Dept products like them for their performance qualities (and I do mean quality because they perform very well in my view of them). I wouldn't mind finding soap and products which work as well or better than GD products but are less difficult to order, etc (and there's a thread about that), but in the meantime I'm using the more than a dozen tubs of Grooming Dept soap in my den.

    Perhaps these soaps are used up faster than any others, but I've not kept a close eye on exactly how fast or slow they disappear. I've tried a lot of soaps most of which are highly touted by someone and many of which are very long lasting. Considering that my skin is difficult at best and that GD soaps and products work quite well for me it would be a truly great soap which would displace this one in my den.

    I can not say that any of my GD soaps have disappeared very rapidly. Certainly they've not developed craters in five shaves (nor fifteen). However, that doesn't mean the guys reporting craters after five shaves are wrong.

    My guess is the cost per shave of Grooming Dept soaps is on the high side, but it's performance is also on the high side.


    Again, I'm looking for a soap with even better performance than GD. If you know of one I invite you to post about it on the appropriate thread.

    If I had a tub of soap which had a big crater after five shaves I might be inclined to get in touch with the vendor but that's just me.

    Happy shaves,

  17. There is another thread in this forum that describes this, though after 8 shaves, and there were also several folks that mentioned not only the donut after minimal shaves but also going through tubs at an expedient rate of time!! The thread for that... Grooming Department Disappointment

    I will say that, just as you pointed out, Mo was contacted by some and as you have said about your incidents with him that he made it right... I say good for him, and you, as to his great customer service as you would also say but it also begs the question that is, why has he had to make it right on so many occasions and so many releases? This has been going on now for several months now and I understand he is a small operation and all but there always seems to be some problem with some release or a soap disappearing quickly or something not being shipped on time or whether he has free shipping or not or something and this or these instances are what keeps me from buying his product no matter how good it is!!
  18. Hannah's Dad

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    In one of my friendly email exchanges with Mo (following MY thread about the donut hole) Mo asked my why so many people seem to come after Grooming Dept with ‘pitchforks’ (his term), to which I replied that when you’re at the top of the heap, people will always try and bring you down. He does take the criticism personally, and he always tries to make the customer whole. I give him much credit for that. But I also look forward to the day when his product releases lack the ‘drama’ which seemingly always accompany them.
  19. Mo has responded to the constructive criticism by offering a $15 five ounce Fortis base soap. (This should compete well against Stirling). He is also lowering the price on his premium soaps while boosting it from 4 to 5 ounces. He really cares about his customer service.
  20. Mo is a pleasure to deal with. I have noticed in time that orders get out quicker. Maybe that is dealing with demand better. And expecting it better.
    I will always remember and be loyal to a vendor that wants to make what I buy right. I challenged him on this and he went above and beyond to make it better for me.
    I can not wait to order his new soap.

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