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    There's always a trade off bud. NOTHING is free in this world. Look at it this this way, you get extra product with a new base that has less ingredients, simpler scents and the kicker? It's $10-$12 cheaper, not $2-4 as mentioned in the post above mine for his scented soaps. Ultimately you can bank on it that the base will perform as good if not better than his previous incarnations. $40 might be a bit much for some to handle unfortunately, so you either bite the bullet and spend to get free shipping or just get one and pay the shipping and if it doesn't work out for you, no big lose.
  1. Shipping is often the biggest expense for sellers! It must cost GD about $5 to ship one soap and around $6.95 to ship two.

    By dropping the price and increasing the soap amount, he has addressed most people's major issues. $40 is also one of the lowest thresholds for free shipping I have seen on the market.
  2. I mean, I get it, but don't say it's cheaper when you knock off a couple bucks, but then charge shipping.

    This wouldn't bother me as much at a bigger shave retailer where it's easy to buy $40 worth of stuff, but what if there's only 1 soap variety in stock in a limited release? I'm buying a duplicate or I'm playing shipping. So, it's not cheaper.
  3. Seriously? bud??! Sheesh.

    I'll just buy something else, I guess. :confused:
  4. How is it not cheaper if you will now get 25% more soap and a 15% price reduction??

    Stirling Soap: Free shipping with $75 order.
    B&M: Free shipping with $75 order. $20-26 four ounce soaps.
    Declaration: Free shipping with $75 order. $22 four ounce soaps.
    Ariana and Evans: No free shipping. $18-24 four ounce.

    He is also offering a new base called Fortis which will be $15 for a 5 ounce tub. In the pipeline are shampoo soaps, splashes etc. Let's be fair here, this is a BOLD action and VERY competitive pricing and shipping for a product that is REMARKABLY BETTER than most soaps.
  5. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador

    I'd prefer free shipping all the time because it's easier for me to compare prices on an apples to apples basis and I like free things.

    Okay, you're right, but you do too know what I mean.

    If I were a small shaving supplies vendor (assuming equal profits in all scenarios) I'd have a free shipping option kick in at about $40 for two reasons.
    • To encourage larger sales.
    • To encourage trying more than one item in my product line especially if my products were synergistic.
    • Because shipping two items or three together is more cost effective.
    That's just me.

    Happy shaves,

  6. Which would you prefer?

    A $24 soap with free shipping or a $20 soap with $4 shipping and free shipping at a $75 threshold?

    How about free soap with $24 shipping per container?
  7. Pardon if you felt offended by the “Bud” remark. Not my intention. If it still has left a lingering bad taste, here’s a simple solution.

    March into your shave den, slap on your jam session shoes, click your heels once and repeat this verse 3 times “There’s nothing like cheap soap shipped for free, there’s nothing like cheap soap shipped for free, there’s nothing like cheap soap shipped for free”. And believe me, you’ll be right as rain...

    Chill & relax, sir. Life’s too fleeting to be fickle over the small things.

    Happy shaves Mr. Guitarslinger..... :001_tt2:
  8. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador

    Excellent point.

    Which of these is true for any one item?
    1. The old price (item and "free" shipping) is lower than the new price (item + not-free shipping).
    2. The new price (item + not-free shipping) is lower than the old price (item and "free" shipping).
    3. It's a tie.
    In many cases the shipping seems higher than I think it should, but then again I like the cheap shipping from Connaught in the UK to me in the USA. I've also noticed that it's oftentimes difficult to determine what the shipping cost will be. Free shipping may not exist but it's easy to determine what something costs me when the shipping is free.

    Guess we'll find out how it goes for GD and GD customers.

    Amazon of course has the best model. Their (Prime) shipping is free but you pay for it.

    Happy shaves,

  9. Gents, not to sound crass or disrespectful to the both of you whom I consider to be staunch supporters and stalwarts on GD soaps, I believe there is an impasse here and your best arguments are moot and will go for naught. You can’t please people all of the time. Some will have the right to gripe even if it’s the most infinitesimal subject to latch on.

    That being said, you’re both right.....:thumbsup:
  10. If this is all a sign of him ramping up production and going from a niche to a larger company I'm all for it. A cheaper soap might be nice as long as it holds up to the standards I've come to expect from him. Hopefully this is all a sign of great things to come.

    And realistically, the only time the factored in shipping was good is if you ordered only one tub. After that it was double or triple the shipping cost because it was factored into the total cost. So, the shipping could be a good thing. Another place I purchased from recently went from free shipping on everything to cost of shipping. Shipping isn't cheap, and to eat that cost can be a big burden on a small company.
  11. Very true. Some people will never be happy no matter what you do.
  12. naughtilus

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    $40 is low IMO. Even $50 feels low. You people are spoiled rotten.
  13. For those of you not on FB IMG_9458.PNG Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 4.19.32 PM.png
  14. You absolutely pay for Amazon’s “free shipping “. They tell you up front this item can be purchased cheaper from other vendors. They offer a convenience factor whilst helping put mom and pop shops out of business.
  15. New soap base! He (Mo) keeps pushing to make better soaps, I think that's great. The shipping part, should be alright. I expect the soap will keep getting better, and we are the base of Grooming Dept,s business.
    Things should be copacetic.
  16. "Free shipping" is a mixed blessing. Cold River Soap Works used to offer free shipping on all products direct from CRSW. I suspect a lot of folks only ordered one soap. CRSW had to include the shipping cost in the price of the soap, which at that time was $24 for the Glide formula. Now they no longer include free shipping, but the price was reduced to $20. If you just order one soap, the gross pricing might be higher than $24. If you order multiples, you might end up paying less.

    Although Grooming Department makes outstanding soaps, it is difficult to maintain a price in excess of $25 in today's marketplace. There are only a few artisans who try to compete at that level (APR, EUFROS, WK Bufala, Oaken Labs, Grooming Department). There are a number of excellent soaps that can be purchased for less than $20. Thus, competition is fierce.
  17. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    I went to FB and could not find his account there. I typed in Grooming Department and came up with zip. What is the name he uses for his account?
  18. Go to his website and click the Facebook logo at the bottom
  19. That's because its under Grooming Dept

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