Grooming Dept's Newest Soaps, Bases, and Releases

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Chan Eil Whiskers, Apr 17, 2019.

    Yes, I like backups especially when it is a limited edition soap. I regret not getting more of barbershop, laundry and soap. I love the scents of those!!! They may be my favorites!! I totally admit that I have a problem. But I know I have quality people keeping me company!
  1. I see that “soap” is now available on West Coast Shaving. I don’t think your “problem” is a problem.
  2. Thank you for enabling. I was about to give up on GD on offering any of their past scents like soap or laundry. Mohammad did let me know Laundry was just a one time make, so I never got to try that one, so I’ll give soap a try.
  3. geeze !!!! I have four Frankenlimes and 5 other scents but nothing as close as you. i think my Pre Shave Collection is getting big at 5 but only one post shave
  4. i hope he never makes shaving cream.... i really dont want to PIF my Castle Forbes!!!
  5. Alright, is this the 12 steps thread? I’ll bite; I’m Rusty, and I have a problem. FA006091-AB1B-462C-A6E0-DF8886D73BCB.jpeg
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  6. Awesome stash!!! We may have a problem but we are a part of an awesome support group!! Can't wait for the next release!!
  7. johnwick

    johnwick Contributor

    The mirror makes it look even worse!
  8. Wow. Can you please tell me your home address? Do you have a dog or alarm system? When will you be going on vacation? :)
  9. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    Yes, Rusty @Russrat you have a serious problem. Part of your 12-step problem is to eliminate the source of your problem. I as well as some other B&Bers would be happy to help to relieve yourself of your problem.
  10. Lol.
  11. Well, as long as we're trading notes ...

    2019-06-30 GDept Collection.jpg
  12. I guess there’s a certain comradery in knowing my obsession is shared with a brotherhood.

    I just showed these other pictures to my wife and she said, “That changes nothing. You still need counseling and so do they.” LOL
  13. I love this thread. When I worry that the number of soaps I have is insane, I can come here for confirmation that I'm well within the norm.
  14. D32AA7C9-7A73-420C-84DA-AAE63F89652C.jpeg

    I was a late bloomer lol
  15. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    I only have 6

    I promise to do better
  16. bobmsp

    bobmsp Contributor

    It's strangely comforting to know that some of you have more GD soap than I have soap. I'm whittling down my collection of 28 soaps - 6 of which are GD - and will resume my GD purchases once I've gotten through about half of my holdings.
  17. Haha , hang in there I think you'll Excel.Thats funny.
  18. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor

    I have a solution for anyone with too many Grooming Dept soaps. Mo has appointed me to be his Official Grooming Dept Disposal Officer.

    Well, not really. I lied. But, I do want to be of service to my brothers who have too much GD soap.

    Trust me on this.

    Happy shaves,

  19. Well, finally shaved with my GD preshave and Pura. It felt pretty good. Think that preshave is gonna be a normal thing for me.

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