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    Ok I will play:
    1. Mandarin Bay
    2. Chypre Vert DFS 2018
    3. Chypre Conifere
    4. Mallard Kulfi
    5. After the Fire

    The next 5 in no particular order

    1. Jasmine and Civet
    2. Citrus
    3. Before the Fire
    4. Magnolia
    5. Angel

    A bit of a let down has been Magnolia & Oud - Expecting more scent wise.

    Very pleased to reach for when needed:

    1. Pekin
    2. Tacit

    Overall I have not had any scent that I have been really disappointed by. The bases are all excellent especially the new ones.
  1. Mallard Kulfi remains my favorite for scent, performance and post shave feel
  2. Mallard Kulfi is fantastic. The scent lingers on my face and hands all day long. It is a very strong scent. Performance seems a little better than the other GD Mallards.
  3. I finally used my Mallard Kulfi today following After the Fire yesterday. Both were first uses for me and I like both scents. On deck for tomorrow is Sandalwood, Fig & Musk.

    I am pleased to actually find GD scents that I like. In the past, I have used GD scents that I did not particularly care for. One example is Chypre Verte which, though a really nice soap, had an artificial scent to my nose.

    BTW, I really like your screen name and avatar. I wonder how many understand the reference of your screen name. Your avatar is a little more obvious and takes me back to my college days when I first saw Un Chien Andalou.
  4. I grew up in Spain so Dali and Miro are two of my favorite artists. You are the first one to mention the reference for afeitar!!

    The Kulfi really is a great soap. I think the GD scents are "love'em or hate'em" scents. The sandalwood, fig, musk was just not for me. However, I really like the Sangre de Naranja which to my nose is orange and leather. To be honest, the best part of GD soaps for me is the post shave feeling and how my faces feels afterwards. No irritation and smooth.
  5. I have been sniffing into the tub of verbrannt i have on occasion and habe always noticed a sweet background note and i did not know what it was. today i think i figured it out. i’m pretty sure I smell bubblegum like original bazooka. Can that be right?
  6. or even double bubble
  7. 07A51D9B-5476-4323-9BF5-AF94F37CC3E1.jpeg I received my replacement Veritas today. It is solid like the other GD soaps.
  8. Just got my first tubs of Grooming Dept soaps yesterday. TAO, Chypre Vert, and Elan.

    TAO is really really soft... and moist? Any ideas what to do?
    Chypre vert performs like a champ but I'm not sure I really like the scent too much. Very strong and floral?
  9. GlazedBoker

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    Barbershop. Just an excellent performer on its first outing. The lather is rich and dense that is equal to GD’s Tallow based soaps. Scent is a bit citrus with Bergamot, Lemon and some Grapefruit front and center. Has a bit of woods and a light flower note that all blends in well.

    Performance is well, top notch. I have a few of his Vegan soap bases such as Magnolia, Basique and Voyage and have enjoyed the performance on all three. This one here though beats them all, hands down. Like I mentioned before, it’s just as rich and thick as GD’s Tallow offerings and loves H2O just the same. Post so far is on par with the best I’ve ever experienced, Tallow or Vegan whether it be GD’s own or someone else’s. How it was done I have no idea and seriously can care less. It is just an excellent soap that not only reaches the bar, it surpasses it and sets a new standard on what a Vegan soap couldn’t do. Yes, Vegan is not supposed to be equal to a great Tallow soap. At least that’s what I thought. Barbershop Vegan in Janus formula has made me rethink the Tallow vs Vegan debate all over again. Yes, that good......


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