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Groom & Clean Greaseless Hair Control

I'm in my late 40s but I have a thick head of hair (graying much more now!). For many, many years I've been using Groom & Clean. Every other product I've ever tried has left my hair dry and unmanageable. I'm very happy that I can still find this product and I'm hoping it never gets discontinued. Does anyone else use Groom & Clean? If so, have you ever used other hair products that work just as good?
Yes I liked groom and clean but it would leave stains from sweating in my hat at work. So I found suavecito Hair Cream. Like it equally as much as groom & Clean. I like something that can provide hold along with being able to run your fingers or a comb through it.
I used to use Groom and Clean decades ago. Now my goto is LA Looks Styling Gel. It comes in various levels of hold ranging from 8 - 12. I find that the yellow version Mega Shaper which is rated 9 works well for me. I wet my hands, put a couple of drops of the gel on my hands and rub it into my hair. When it first dries, it feels a little stiff, but I just brush it out and the stiffness goes away, but my hair stays in place unless it is really windy.
Never tried it so can’t comment there. I have very thin hair that disappears more and more each day. I use Fix Your Lid forming cream to keep what’s left in place, otherwise it flops everywhere. It’s definitely not drying and smells nice.
It's a hair conditioner that people used to use during the days when shampoos were very harsh, and wash out conditioners were not a thing yet.
WOW, talk about the nostalgia!

My dad was a big user of Groom & Clean hair gel, it always worked for him, then he could style comb his hair as needed. Additionally, I used it for a time as well, and it did the same for me.

I never did like the smell of it very much though, but at least it washed out easily after a shower. I then began using AXE hair gel later on, smells a lot better, also does the job. Now days I do buzzcuts, and it negates the need for hair gel's.
A good friend who lives in USA gives me a tube of groom and clean.
He was here in germany to visit his parents.
I like the groom an clean and it works with my thin hair.
The tube was from consorts canada and i ordered 4 tubes from ebay.
I saw that groom and clean is from india noe and it is not the same but it is ok for me.I think the old version had a stronger sent.
Is groom and clean only from india in the future or is there an american,canadian version.
Sorry about my bad english and best greetings from germany.
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