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Groom and Clean Greaseless Hair Control alternatives? (It appears to be discontinued)

It looks like Groom and Clean Greaseless Hair Control either has been discontinued or there are supply chain issues. I often get it at Walmart, but they very recently stopped carrying it, and I searched inventories of many stores and retailers, and can't find it anywhere.

Does anyone have suggestions for a good alternative to Groom and Clean, ideally something that is easy to wash out? I LOVED that Groom and Clean was water soluable and would just wash out with water. My hair also gets greasy if I don't wash it every day, and G&C would give me a nice dry look with a decent hold.

THANKS in advance for any suggestions!

(I usually just search and find answers on shaving things at B&B, but is been harder to find a good answer to this, so I'm actually posting!)
A good friend who lives in USA gives me a tube of groom and clean.
He was here in germany to visit his parents.
I like the groom an clean and it works with my thin hair.
The tube was from consorts canada and i ordered 4 tubes from ebay.
I saw that groom and clean is from india now and it is not the same but it is ok for me.I think the old version had a stronger sent.
Is groom and clean only from india in the future or is there an american,canadian version?
Sorry about my bad english and best greetings from germany.
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