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Grizzly Bay Brush

Mail call! (from last week haha).
Just wanted to share a photo of my first Grizzly Bay brush I received as a gift from my wife last week :001_smile (she's a keeper!). I'm super pleased with it, I had waited almost a year to find one in these colours I like. When I opened the box I was blown away by how beautiful the craftsmanship is, this brush feels so premium and awesome. Perfect weight, very ergonomic and the knot (V11 Fanchurian) is so soft on the skin, yet it whips up a great lather effortlessly. Its a hug step up from the brushes I have been using. John from Grizzly Bay was very friendly and it is good to see him back in the shop after his time away recently.
Im sure there are many others of you with Grizzly Bay brushes, I would love for you to share a photo of your brush here too. Or maybe you have recommendations for other brushes you feel are also noteworthy of a purchase!
Good shaving gents & have a lovely day! Grizzly Bay.jpg
Beautiful brushes @Alpine Shaver and @Adjustingtolife. John makes great handles for sure. If you want to check out another brush maker, check out Chisel and Hound. Rob and John are friends and both use the Fanchurian knot. Rob makes some resin ones too but makes lots of stunning wood ones as well.

Here’s my two Grizzly Bay brushes… so far.

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Beautiful brushes! Thank you for sharing, I've not seen the handle design of the dark blue one before, it looks lovely! I will check out Chisel & Hound for sure, thanks for the info :)
@Alpine Shaver, that is a beautiful brush, congratulations! I love the color combination, it's stunning. And I must also say, you have a terrific wife to give it to you. The single men on this forum will be wanting to know if she has a sister!

Thank you very much, I waited a long time to get one in these amazing colours :) It is stunning, it reminds me a a frozen arctic ocean with snow blown over it. Oh yes I have been very lucky with my wife haha, she's very accepting of my wet shaving product purchasing haha. She also bought me the Rex Ambassador for Christmas last year hehe. I'm afraid she hasn't got any sisters haha
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