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Grinding Beans for Cold Brew

Ad Astra

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I recommend the Hario cold brew pitcher. Easy peasy and makes great tasting coffee every time.

Ordered this; many thanks!


Ad Astra

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I don't know what I would do without my Hario Mizudashis. I have 4 and all 4 are in rotation. So simple fill course ground coffee, fill with tap water, let it soak 16-24 hours. Those 2 go into the fridge. Repeat. I don't add any water to my cold brew. Make cold brew ice cubes out of any unused. Go through two a day.
😉 4? Then there's something to it.... 🤔

+1 thanks.

uh... if you're getting the ratio right, why not transition to a steel/ABP-free plastic carafe? I ever break this glass press, I'll go more robust. but it's for company, and that's rare.
I have a stainless steel FP, and I used it for a year or two before I went back to glass. It gives a metallic taste to my cup. Faint, but noticable to the discerning palette. I like that metallic taste from my water bottle, but not from my coffee cup!

I still use it for travel and for camping, but not for my morning cup at home. Still totally worth the purchase.

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Hario Mizudashi in the house!

Simple, well-made, only $20 - what's not to love?

Looking forward to the coffee tomorrow.

🤔 Any tips or tricks?

Espresso nerd snob here :) wife likes cold brew I am OK with it
but make it for her
coarse grind and left out on counter for 20 hours up or down a bit
prefer the on counter room temp flav to fridge flav ? Again both work one is not better :)

to me you have to play with ratios for what you like do you dilute ? Over ice with cream etc...

for espresso I recently dumped my Elektra A3 and now use a cafelat robot and prefer it ! Still have a pasquini I need to work on ? But kinda into manual levers these days ANYWAY

I tried the Hario my downside is lack of room in the brew screen area but its a good setup
french press ? Rather make enough for a week at a time but great coffee water distribution or contact or whatever ya want to call it :)
pour in sock type setup is easy clean up and quite clean but sock has cleaning issues
loose and then strain maybe twice can be messy but great end result and in some ways less long term maintenance to deal with

might say a super large french press and then pout into other container is a cheap easy way to get into it that also gives you a french press :)

look into James Hoffman method of Japan style iceed brew that is YUM not really cold brew but kinda a cold brew

Ad Astra

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Definitely hit the correct path with Hario Mizudashi... With milk and sugar, this stuff is dynamite.

Super easy cleanup too, which seems to be the main problem with improvising cold coffee.

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