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Grey Ink. Anyone use it?

That is what happened to my Noodler's Black. It's degraded to being a "washed out" black. And it doesn't look bad. One just expects a denser black for the OG Noodler's ink. For grey I've got Noodler's Lexington Gray. Wanted a permanent grey and got one with the Lexington.
I've had pretty good luck with Noodler's Heart of Darkness as my black permanent ink. I usually prefer blue ink, and Monterverde Documental looks nice to me for a permanent blue ink, and the HOD is a very nice dark black ink.

I think a grey ink would look very nice, and plan on trying some soon.


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I put a Quink Black cartridge in a new Parker IM a couple of days ago. It's not even close to being black. Green tinged grey would be a better description.

I have a bottle of Quink Black Permanent, which is more of a dark teal colour, and this cartridge seems lighter, so it might be the "washable" version. While the bottled ink still isn't true black, I do find it a very nice ink to use. In fairness, it might just be that this new pen isn't as wet as the other pens I have used the bottled ink in, but for now I'll stick to blaming the ink, as I have read others make similar comments about it in the past.

Either way, it just doesn't have the presence on the page that I want, and when this cart is empty, I'll refill it with one of my Diamine inks, to check the pen's wetness. It has however confirmed my suspicions that grey ink is not for me.
No one put up a picture?!

Iroshizuko Fuyu Syogun (Old Man Winter) it was in one of the first Ink Drops from Goulet. I got it right after. Still have half a bottle so I e used it some.
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I rarely carry this ink in a work pen but now I'm curious to try it at work in my Lamy 2k OB.

Diamine's Earl Grey was tested with a lot of redditors. It was a hot ink there two years ago.

Diamine's Registrar Ink I found to be dry starter. In my VP OM (which is a wet writer) it wasn't a good fit. It dried more blue-black. Going through my work notes a year later it was degraded to a light gray or brown but still very legible. I need to try ESS.
I'm still working off this fill. It is my home desk pens and doesn't get the attention it should. I did take it to work a few days in my chef coat sleeve pocket which I fear for multiple reason. But I enjoyed the ink and would have no qualms using it at work. The nib on the other hand is not that a fast writer since it was ground to an italic stub (B) by Pendomonium when Leta ground nibs.
Anyone mention J.Herbin Pearl Noir. Just filled my Pilot Decimo capless with some and it rights with a pleasant dark grey line. I am using a left oblique nib though.
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