Grey Flannel Reformulation

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by sharpstar90, Feb 8, 2019.

    I just got some brand new Grey Flannel spray cologne at Ross. It was $9.99, which struck me as very inexpensive. I hadn't smelled it since around early 1992 when my brother and I shared a bottle of it.

    Obviously it's different now. I don't recall it smelling quite so soapy and floral. I think it was richer in the past and much less sweet. It's almost cloying now.

    What do you guys think?
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    Not sure if the bottle I have is new or vintage. I picked it up at the Salvation Army, so it's hard to say. Soapy I would agree with, because it smells almost exactly like VDH Deluxe. I wouldn't really call it sweet or floral. To me it smells Inky, like a crisp brand new twenty dollar bill from the bank.
  2. I can see the VDH Deluxe comparison, that's a cool insight. I actually really like the scent of that soap. Maybe that's why!

    My guess is yours is vintage, because that's a good description of it. Is it made in France? Thats how you can tell, look at the bottom of the bottle. Mine is made in USA. It has the common feature that many reformulations of classics seem to have. It's sweeter, it's fresher and less "dank" all around. It might be the presence of modern synthetic ingredients.
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    I just checked and mine is made in the USA too. So I guess it's new, but maybe still a slightly older formula. Or maybe it's just our noses picking up different scents. I agree scents do seem to be getting weaker with reformulations. The bottle of Stetson I just bought is much weaker and doesn't last nearly as long as the 20 year old bottle I still have a few splashes left. Funny thing is the new one is labeled as cologne and the old on is aftershave. Scent isn't too different to my nose though, just much weaker almost like it's been watered it down.
  4. It could be totally subjective. Sometimes fragrance can smell totally different depending on the situation.

    Is your Stetson the "Cologne" splash? I just bought it in a gift set and it is missing a whole dimension to it. Vetiver maybe?

    The splash is similar to the body spray, which is yet another formulation, missing some key features. However, the spray cologne is much more spicy and concentrated. I paid 20$ at Walmart for the 2.25 oz, which is a much better deal than $10 for .75 oz. For a cheap cologne, it really isn't all that cheap!

    Btw, I love Stetson. It's near and dear to me. I just wish it wasnt named after a cowboy hat. I really don't get a western vibe from it at all!
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    Yeah it's the splash and from a gift set. It mat be missing a note or two too, that I'm just not picking up on. I just know I have to use twice as much to get half the staying power from it. I'm just glad I picked it up for 75% off after Christmas. Glad to hear the spray is better, may have to pick some up especially if I see it on sale.
  6. You're right, the splash is very different.
    Stetson For Men
    This is a good price. You have to pay shipping, but it's doable, especially if you throw in some Quorum or Aramis or whatever in your order.

    I think you'll like the spray much better.
  7. At some point along the way French Fragrances was bought by Elizabeth Arden, I believe in the late 90's.
    Some think there was a formula change at some point around that time, others think the only thing that changed was the sticker on the bottom. The only way to really tell would be to find some vintage and compare to the new bottle.
    My bottle is from 2008 and I love it (still half full, shows you how strong it is, just a few sprays is all I ever need).
    Also, remember that oakmoss (a base note of GF) was taken out of many fragrances and replaced by "tree moss" or some other fake mossy substitute. I believe these changes happened around 2010/2011.. at least they did for Halston Z-14. There's a noticeable difference between oakmoss and treemoss versions of the Halston (and it's easy to tell because unlike many fragrances, Halston lists the ingredients on their box, so you know if you have an oakmoss version).
  8. I picked up an old bottle of Stetson aftershave a few years back. Not sure of the exact year, but damn, it smells good. Since I only have 2oz of it, I don't use it that often. Plus it's my girlfriend's father's ONLY cologne. ugh! :)

    June2017 079.JPG
  9. Well if you were to have only one cologne, that would be a good one to have. But it's definitely a bad move to wear your girl's father's scent. What an unfortunate coincidence!

    I don't know what my father-in-law wore, but whatever it was, I haven't seemed to have worn it yet. Good news for me because he is a massive jerk. I like sleeping in my own bed, thank you very much!

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