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Hello all. New guy checking in. Long time DE shaver. Have generally stayed in the Merkur lane, occasionally breaking out my trusty Gillette slim for a go around the face. Currently breaking in a new Feather AS-D2 and Feather blades; very good so far. Proraso green cream is a go-to and I have enough Tabac shave sticks to get me to the end times (courtesy of a good friend that loaded me up at the end of my two-year USAF assignment in Germany). Aqua Velva Ice Blue is my AS of choice; good enough for my old man and good enough for me. I'm retired now so I don't shave every day, but can still put a good one on when I need to. Looking forward to learning (this old dog can probably learn a few new tricks) and discussing. Cheers.
Thanks . It's a 2017 GSA. Love that machine.
Test rode the standard 1200GS when they first came out.
Have 28" inseam, kind of sketchy with weight on. :scared:
800 wasn't available back then, wish I could get one now.
Looks like you enjoy some adventures!
No further derail, enjoy your shaves :thumbup1:


I'm a Lumberjack.
Welcome aboard. Happy shaves. You might find reading here will temp you to try some other aftershaves. 😁


The Lather Maestro
Welcome! A fellow blue suiter and motorcycle rider, too! Awesome! I spent ten years in, but took an early out after the Berlin Wall came down--"Peace Dividend" downsizing, but my last assignment was in Germany!

I ride a 2013 Triumph Bonneville T100
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