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Greetings to the Straight Razor Crowd

Welcome! What got you interested in straight razors?
Thanks @Joshua223 and all others for the warm welcome!

As written in the Newbie Check-In:

My first experience with a straight razor was over 20 years ago. At the Christmas market in Cologne I was able to buy a really nice Puma straight razor and a strop. However, because I had no idea about the subject and the razor was probably not sharp either, my progress remained small and after a few attempts, the knife stayed in a drawer for more than 20 years. 18 months ago, I came on Dovo's website and saw their beautiful straight razors. I immediately caught fire again, sent my Puma to be sharpened and at the same time bought a knife from Ralf Aust.

I quite early got interest in the history of the companies behind vintage razors and started to search for information about my Puma. You probably will not believe it, but when looking for this I found amongst others @Polarbeard 's thread here and got some inspiration, what to look for (Tiger, Puma, Hyena etc).
That is how it started.
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