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Greetings to the Straight Razor Crowd

Yesterday I registered at Badger & Blades and introduced myself here in the Newbie Check-In. Now I just want to say "Hello" to the Straight Razor Crowd. My main interests are the straight razors themselves, of which I now have a mid double-digit number.
As for other equipment, I'm rather modest (2 strops, 2 brushes, and I try to keep no more than a handful of soaps and aftershave at a time). I hope you don't get bored with the frequent repetitions of the same stuff in the thread "What Straight Did You Use Today?":wink2:.
I look forward to interesting discussions here.
Many Greetings from Germany

And don't worry about redundancy in photos. Most of my SR photos have the same razor haha. Haven't been bitten by the SR aquisition bug as much as I have with DE/Simpson brushes (yet).
AUSGESEICHNET! Tag, you’re it! 🤣


I shaved a fortune
Unlike my father, (gone now these past 7 years ago yesterday) who felt he only needed one razor in his life but juggled many women... I have found it much more economical (and safe) to need only one woman in my life and juggle many razors...
My dad's been gone since 2007. He was my stepdad officially... we had a rough start but in his later years, I got to know him better. He was a good man.. my mom died last year....bittersweet... we had a difficult relationship..

So, I don't really know what to say about your dad's passing, but when the day of our parents' death arrives, it gives us pause, for better or worse. I wish you well. I didn't want to say something trite like "sorry for your loss", etc.
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