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Greetings from Poland

Welcome! Tell us about your razor(s).

Don't burn me on a stake - but most of the time I use the Braun Series 3.
When kids are not around and time is there: Gillette Fat Handle Tech DE + Feather.

But for the last few years I regretted selling my Frederick Raynolds Straight Razor - so I decided to get back into it and got a used Dovo Best Quality with white scales and vintage Polish SFK to hone my honing skills :)

Dovo needs some work as the blade has an uneven wear, so once the 1000/6000 Imanishi Bester stone arrives I'll have some fun with it!
Welcome to the shaving forum fun Esthan !. You are lucky to live in a country with some of the finest creams and aftershaves on the planet. Poland also has a master strop & leather man and also a great maker of fine quality brushes . I cherish my Polish shaving equipment , Wapienica straight razors and safety razors, Consul, Przymyslawka, Prastara ,Korsarz , Admiral , Ogorkowy and BI-ES aftershaves , Wars , Bond , Lider and a few more creams, and the out of production Lodz Wizamet Polsilver blades , one of the world's finest DE razor blades. Enjoy the forum Esthan !
You know more about Poland than I do :)

I have to b admit, that he fact that Polsilver ranks so high came as a shock to me, not to mention the fact that some were made in Russia. Lot of catching up to do.
Welcome to B&B. When you get a chance head over to the Hall of Fame and tell us a little about yourself.
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