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Greetings from Europe

Hello everyone,
my name is Vladislav and l'm from Serbia. I'm a fifth year dentistry student, and at the moment l'm living in Belgrade.
We've got our own forum in Serbia called ''Savrseno brijanje'' (Perfect shave), and l've been their member for about a year now, or should l say, my whole wetshaving career. :biggrin1:
I got into wetshaving because l got tired of growing my beard, and l did that, because l hated cartridge razors. My older brother got me a Mach3, Fusion, what have ya, but l literally hated shaving. That was until l stumbled upon my grandad's DE razor. lt's a Czechoslovakian made Soluna, and at that moment it was like a revelation to me. After that l got a domestically produced Intersilver DE razor, and l've been using it ever since. l also got a straight , Crown and Sword ERN 1166 but l don't use it for some time now, because l'm ''stropless'' at the moment. Recently a buddy of mine gave me a Star 1912 SE to try out, and now i'm hooked... I'm trying to resist the RAD bug, but it's poison is slowly crippling my defences...:a6:
Hello and welcome, Vladislav. Great to have you here on B&B. Wander on over to the Hall of Fame and introduce yourself more fully.
I'm trying to resist the RAD bug, but it's poison is slowly crippling my defences...:a6:

First and foremost...Welcome to Badger & Blade! But why resist RAD? I say jump on in...it's inevitable any way. You say it's a poison...I say it's joy! All kidding aside...welcome to B&B! There is a lot going on here, so jump on in the fun!
Thank you all for your warm welcome! I'm sure l'll enjoy my time here. :)
I'm trying to resist the RAD because of the "starving student syndrome". :D
Just kidding, but to be honest, my parents don't quite understand why would someone (I) shave with someone else's used razor, even though l've tried explaining them that l clean and disinfect them thoroughly and pay attention to such details, it's pretty much been an exercise in futility. So l try to keep my acquisitions to a minimum for the time being.
I know the strops are easy to get hold of, a friend of mine makes them, but at the moment l haven't got a lot of time to fully dedicate myself to learning to shave with a straight razor, so the strop will have to wait for a couple of months.
I'll make sure to post some pics of my equipment!
Welcome Vladislav !...I attend 2 Serbian festivals every November in my area, great food , great music , friendly people....The Serbian women there make better baklava than the Greeks do !....I love the Serbian classics Palmira tube cream and also the Albus Palmira "blue cube" soap, really nice lather and scent...Enjoy the forum ,I tried to enjoy yours, but had problems with the google translator..
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