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Greetings and a Question

Hello Gents.

It is an honor to be a part of such a wonderful community. I look forward to learning from everyone and to participating in the forums.

I have a question.

Other than technique and practice, what is most important for a great shave and why?

- the right Razor
- a good Blade
- a quality Brush
- a slick and protective Cream or Soap
- Something else entirely

Many Thanks.



Technique is the most important, after that is a good, slick lather with very little pressure.
Hello and welcome, Larry. Great to have you here on B&B. Wander on over to the Hall of Fame and introduce yourself.

I'd vote for lather.
Welcome aboard. My .02 would say that beyond practice and time in order to develop your good technique a good blade and a good lather are most important. The razor and the brush are just pieces of equipment to get you to the shave. Like a new car a new razor might take some time to get use to, but if you have good technique it will be something you can overcome quickly. Plus any razor can be the "right" razor with good technique. The "right" razor is really all about preference. As far as brushes go, any brush if properly broken in, prepared before the shave, and maintained afterward can do just fine. Learning to take care of your brush no matter what it is is key. Learning to get a good lather with your brush takes time and may depend on what kind of brush material it is. My brush was only $8, it's a lower end Omega boar and a month or so into DE shaving it's been just fine for me. It's starting to be broken in, it's soft, I get good lathers. Learning to use the brush properly and caring for it is more important then spending $$$ on a "good" brush.
Something else entirely. Time and persistence. DE delivers better shaves than I ever had in my life, the kind where the face feels smooth in the post-shave shower. I had not sensed that in 40 years before DE shaving. However, it does require additional passes and buffings, which turn shaving from a 5-minute affair with a cartridge to a 15-minute affair with all the equipment that you listed.
No matter what the razor, no matter what the blade, the prep, the brush, or the lather, cheap or premium, it takes me that kind of time to get the results.
All are important for a good shave. Take anyone away and your shave will be sub-par or worse. I'll go the other way and say if I had to throw one under the bus, it would be the brush. God gave me fingers and I would find a way so I could partake in my daily ritual.
Welcome, Dude!

For me, I'd say probably the right blade for your razor is the most important. I'm still developing my lather quality, but I've improved my shave already by settling on the right blade for my razor. That isn't to discredit the benefits of a good lather -- the lather is super important as well.
I would say proper lather is next and then the right blade FOR YOU. I have tried many blades some that worked great for others didn't for me it's really a ymmv kinda thing. Good luck on the journey!
Thanks for the plethora of responses.

I am constantly working on my technique.

Now if I can only avoid catching AD! :tongue_sm

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