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Green Pond Avacado Soap

Hey guys,
When I ordered some of the Trumper's soap from Green Pond, they sent me a sample of their Avacado bath soap. This stuff is great! I'm not quite sure I'd say it smells like avacado, but it left me feeling very refreshed and my skin wasn't dried out at all. The girlfriend really likes the scent too. I highly recommend requesting a sample from them if you guys are taking advantage of their summer sale. Have you all tried out any of their soaps yet?

P.S. I'm still filtering through all the info about the DE razors and I'm going to check out a local shop here that seems to sell them.
I received the same sample as well. I was really surprised, for glycerin soap it did not dry out my hands the few times I used it yesterday. The soap's scent wasn't that bad either.

Also, the business card embedded within the soap is a really clever marketing idea.
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