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Green Irish Tweed Soap

Hi so i got the Green Irish Tweed cologne for Xmas and love it. So now im looking at the soap which costs $85.

My question is before i go buy that, who makes the best Green Irish Tweed clone soap?

I've used the QCS soap for a year. Has a great scent may take a little practice on the lather, but a good quality soap and scent.


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Get a jar of MdC unscented, spritz it with one or two sprays of the cologne and put the lid back on the jar for a day or two. You'll be surprised how long the scent persists. It does decrease with time so you may have to spritz as necessary.

Cheers, Steve
FaceScraper, If you go with the Creed soap, Please post your review. I have often wondered how well this stuff performs and smells for $85.
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