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Greece-No Politics!

I hope the Greeks can reach a resolution. It's a great and very proud country--rightfully so. I've watched quite a few videos on the BBC and CNN websites giving the common people's perspective of the issue. I really feel for the pensioners and of course, the unemployed. It's a difficult situation.
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I don't know how we can discuss Greeces current situation without politics being involved !

Good point.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out. I go on a lot of cruises and the thing that I have learned is that people are pretty much the same everywhere. To only be able to get 60 euros a day would make life very difficult, as expensive everything seems to be in Europe these days. I don't know how they do it. We must have a few members in Greece--I'm hoping for the best for them.
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I'm rooting for Grece too. I was just watching a BBC Documentary from a couple of years ago talking about how at first the Euro was great for Greeks but down the road a few years later they started having problems competing. Hopefully all sides will come together and work something out.
Iceland said "screw the bankers" ,defaulted ,and now they are back to a very strong ,vibrant economy.I hope Greece does the same.
Iceland said "screw the bankers" ,defaulted ,and now they are back to a very strong ,vibrant economy.I hope Greece does the same.
This. Smaller government is better because it's more accountable and more easily kicked out of office if it's incompetent. The European Union was a good idea on paper, but good ideas on paper don't always translate into good ideas in the real world. Take a beating in the short term, then build a better country after the aftermath.
Greece should NEVER have been given entry in the FIRST place. Hope they tell the EU to get stuffed. Will be terrible in the short term, but better for them long term if they exit quickly.

That being said, there are some hard truths about to come home for all the freeloaders.
The IMF is a very evil organization. I personally see it as the IMF being unwilling to work with Greece. You can work with a country like Greece or you can bully them, they default, and you're out trillions of dollars. I'm rooting for the latter.
How do you work with a country that has turned tax avoidance and pension scamming into an art form? I was reading on the weekend that in one section of Greece almost 80% of the population is receiving Government subsidy (pension) based on loss of vision. that;s a LOT of blind people, not just for one region, but for an entire nation.

Nope, this problem can be laid squarely on the Greek doorstep. The ONLY blame I would apportion to the IMF, and EU is why they let this drag out for so long.
Hmmm...no politics?!? Then it is time to dust off an old joke

"If Russia invaded Turkey from the rear, would Greece help?"
This morning while listening to the radio I thought, "Gosh, I don't know enough about this stuff. Is this good or bad?"

Thanks for the links in this thread, guys.
Maybe the answer would be to scrap the Euro and go back to the Drachma.

Read More: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-07-04/printing-the-drachma-the-messy-future-of-a-post-euro-greece

"Greece: [The] All-time Classic" (Yeah Baby!!)! Greek Tourism Slogan
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I'm not saying Greece is faultless but I would argue that you would have to be not familiar with the IMF or at least a little evil yourself to not recognize that the IMF is a very evil organization.
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