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Greaves&Sons Fencing Foils with reconditioned original scales C1836

Greaves Fencing foils with its original scales polished and repaired.This blade was very rusty,and required regrinding.This razor belongs to the same member as the W&B I posted earlier today,and will ship to you tomorrow.Specifications are listed below.Best regards Gary

RAZOR #: RC 876

MANUFACTURER: Greaves&Sons Fencing Foils Sheaf Works


BLADE TYPE: Quarter Hollow EL polished finish/Very nice jimps at top
and bottom of the tang

SCALES: Original horn scales and rear pin/Front pin is new adjustable tension pivot

CONDITION (1-10): 9

SHAVABILITY (1-10): 8.5

VALUE (1-10): 9

COMMENTS Very nice collectable razor from early Sheaf works/reground to remove major corrosion and pitts
Gary -
Another beautiful razor!!!
Just when I think I have my RAD in check, you have to post some of your beautiful work.
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