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Greatest Guitar Players Ever

Narciso Yepes and Andres Segovia are two of the most talented classical guitarists of all time.

Apart from being a consummate musician, Yepes was also a significant scholar. His research into forgotten manuscripts of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries resulted in the rediscovery of numerous works for guitar and lute. He was the first person to record the complete lute works of Bach on period instruments.

Narciso Yepes (Romance Anonimo) - YouTube

Segovia is regarded as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, he is seen as the grandfather of the classical guitar.

Andrés Segovia- The Intimate Guitar (full album ... - YouTube

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Graydog; Thanks for posting the video on Phil Keaggy - he is indeed one of the greatest contemporary players and certainly the best Christian artist alive. God Bless! Tony Brown RN mgbbrown
I can't remember if he's been mentioned yet, but Richard Thompson is incredible.

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So many different kinds of guitar players.

Pat Metheny and Jim Hall are very melodic and creative and my ear appreciates everything they do.

Andrés Segovia was a beast on classical guitar.

Clapton would be my top pick for rock guitar because of his melodic approach and long phrases - almost compositional at times - and technique that always served the melodic line (as opposed to so many later guitarists with excellent technique and nothing to say).

Hendrix was an amazing innovator. It's hard to imagine where music would be today without his contributions.

Page and Beck are both pretty amazing. I love how JB has taken the wammy bar from something to produce motorcycle sounds to an organic part of his music.

Santana has a wonderful melodic sense. Duane Allman, Steve Ray Vaughn, really a lot of great players.

Rhythm guitar greats: Keith Richards and his amazing open tunings and Pete Townsend and his chord solos.

Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, Michael Hedges, Andy McKee - lots of excellent acoustic players.
Frank; It is a cool song! The white MGB with black roundels that appears in the You-Tune video also is in a well known documentary of the marque and its recent 50th anniversary of the MGB.

Ouch; British cuisine has traditionally been limited in its international recognition to fish and chips, but warm beer certainly falls in there- I suppose it has to do with the flavor of their stouts and ales. Other oddities include kidney and sheperd's pies and bangers and mash, but I like them all- even warm stouts and ales! God Bless! Tony Brown RN mgbbrown
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