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Great shave this morning Red Tip SO SMOOTH!

Can I just say I LOVE the Red Tip! I mean I've loved it all along, but this morning it was just SO smooth! Avery fast 2 pass shave with great results. I know people consider this an aggressive razor, but that's really not how I experience it. Nice weight and balance , but this mornings shave was just incredibly smooth with a Wilkinson Sword on it's third shave. Every bit as smooth as my DE89 on a fresh blade. I'm trying to pare down, btu I think I'll always want a Red Tip in my rotation.
I just got my red tip and gave it my first shave on sunday night - holy cow! By far my smoothest shave. During the shave, I kept worrying about how little irritation i was getting and that it must not be shaving closely. Boy was I wrong!

Need to get more shaves in, but if this keeps up, my Merkur HD is no longer needed.
Agreed! When I first started DE shaving a little over a year ago, I had heard of the "aggressiveness" of the Red Tip. So I shied away. I bought a Slim, started at 3 and changed it's setting, dialing it up every couple months through 5, 6, 7 and 9 and eventually back down through 7, 5 and 3 (where it is currently set).

I'd call the Red Tip about a "4" - I get nice smooth shaves out of it. I have to watch my technique juuust a wee bit more than the slim at 3. Definitely a permanent part of the rotation and no worries about accidentally changing the setting! :thumbup:

- Doug
I love the red tip. But I find that it, the "New" and the Slim on about seven all feel the same. Although the Slim cranked up that much will cause some irritation. I'm starting to think the adjustables aren't for me. I've been wet shaving for 30 yrs. but recently switched to DE. Maybe it's my technique so I'm not selling them all yet.
After reading how aggressive it was I was afraid to try mine after I got it. I had been using a 50's Flare Tip for a while. Once I tried my Red Tip it became my daily shaver and has been used a good 90-95% of the time ever since.
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