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Great instant Coffee

I'll drop a plug for First Ascent Coffee out of Colorado. The owner, Mark, is a wet shaver and Blackland customer with some excellent coffee. They make instants, as well, and do all the roasting and drying in small batches in their facility. Not cheap, but not cheaply made either.
The best instant I have ever had was in Chile. Week long fishing trip and we bought a container of Nescafe. The Nescafe found in the states has (had) nothing on the South American stuff. I don't know what it was, but man, was it good.

Big difference, Greek and South of the Border instant coffee is "spray dried " not " freeze " dried.... You need the spray dried Greek Nescafe' ( high Robusta content ) or the south American coffes to produce a traditional Greek Frappe' or a tasty DALGONA... Equal parts coffee, sugar , water and whip, preferably with an electric whisk , which works so much better than a battery powered milk frother.
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