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Great Grandpa's Straight

Sorry no pictures need to take my camera over to my Grandfathers house. Grandma emailed me to let me know it's a WISS Favorite, made by J. Wiss and Sons, Newark, NJ. It's currently in a frame. Does anyone have more info on this type of razor? My GG was born in 1890 so Grandma thought maybe Early 1900's for the razor as she said there was no date code. I'll try and get a picture of it soon :thumbup1:
I've never heard of it, but the personal value alone makes it priceless. Hopefully you can get it up and running and put it to good use again.
I just recently cleaned up a Wiss and sons and it looks and shaves nice.

Newark, New Jersey
ca. 1885 - 1969, when they were purchased by Boker

From Uniclectica

Mine has an 85 stamped on the tang and is an 11/16 round tip hollow ground blade
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