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Great Covers

The Knize

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The Stones had great covers. I think that is Brian Jones on slide in the originals of both songs. Red Rooster was a number one hit in England. Kind of hard to believe. A more sophisticated listening audience maybe?
Brian Jones was on slide guitar in Little Red Rooster, he was, I think, to far gone on drugs, unfortunately to play any part in Love in Vain and died a couple of months after it was recorded.
I thought Little Red Rooster was/is great, but you pays your money and takes your choice; don’t forget that years later ‘Mr
Blobby’ got to number 1 in the UK … .
Apologies if this is already listed and i missed it:
Kennedy Center Honors - Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven
Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart) and others.
Not even sure this qualifies as a “cover” but,
I Absolutely love this
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