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FS Great condition rare sets - 1947 #40 Gillette Hybrid Tech, 1938 Aristocrat #15, 1955 #58, 1950s L’Essor

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Offering these sets from my collection. As they are sets in high demand and in great or superb condition I need to offer at estimated current market value. But wanted to offer here before going to the bay. Please see all pictures for condition and let me know if you need more.

All prices are fixed for now. First buyer to PM full buy commitment gets, standard business practice. Buyer chooses shipping method and owns risk. I am in Europe/EU. Standard shipping without Track&Trace/insurance worldwide 16 EUR (I only ship carefully wrapped in solid box, adds to the weight). Other shipping options please PM but just so you know: tracking out of my country is expensive (30-40 EUR depending on destination).

Thanks for looking.

1947 British Gillette Hybrid Tech full set - 485 EUR
Only made for a few years during the late 1940s the Gillette Hybrid Tech is the most stealth high-end razor of all, and once you hold and shave with one you know what the fuss is about.

On offer here is a full original set in the rarer more sturdy original leather case design, and not the usually seen leather case as seen in the 1947 advertisement photo or in mr-razor.

I appreciate that my offer price is very high but everything here is in solid shape, the rare case has a bit of outer wear but is all whole and zipper closes like it should. As illustrated the set presents well.

1938 British Gillette Aristocrat #15 set - 290 EUR
Full matched set in amazing condition. As nice as they come. See pictures.

1955 Gillette #58 full set - 250 EUR
Full matched set in amazing condition. #58 cases are usually roached but this one is really really nice inside and out. And the razor is hardly if ever used, I never used it. I added a NOS blade dispenser. See pictures.

1950s(?) L’Essor differential comb DE full set - 140 EUR
Superb condition set. Rarely seen. All brass nickel plated razor in original plastic box. A mid-high aggression shaver. Build like a tank.

1947 #40 Gillette Hybrid Tech

1938 Gillette Aristocrat #15
Richard, Dan, Jonathan - thanks a lot, friends. Yes thought I’d thin down, I simply have too many. Apologies for the high prices, but they are fine sets from my top shelf...

And no, Dan, I did not either foresee selling an HT. If this goes I have only one set left... scary, haha! This one even has the baseplate with the patent numbers which you don’t see a lot.
Phew! Now I can relax 😁 No more sales like that please Peter, I am desperately trying not to buy any more stuff 🤣

Haha Richard. No worries. Still, maybe a few others may come on offer, I am taking a hard look at which ones I desperately need to keep. With too many razors sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees :blush:
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