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Great Classic Fragrances

Years ago now, my wife and I went to several of the large department stores: Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom's, Saks 5th Avenue.... you get the idea.. and did the smell test... then the trial body test... I ended up with this... I haven't used anything else since. I'm a one fragrance.. boring.... human being. <eg>

Edit: I did forget to mention... it's been out of production for a while now. You can find it online at a premium.
Great thread. I use many things on this thread.

I think terre d’hermes transcends all boundaries. It’s unique in its deceptive simplicity. It’s perfect for all seasons and all occasions. It even repels bugs at those early Fall weddings.

It’s not my favorite scent ever, but it will never leave my top 5. Classic.
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